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ive told you a million times rx stuff is buggy as and yes it can cause many many issues as things arnt done right at a base level...i wont be able to determine the reason as ill never load it...ive seen 100s of bugs that would be introduced and I mean 100s....so the answer is good luck let people know if you figure it out....I only support my builds and I know everything is taken care of properly and I can see that isnt the case in RX builds everything is kind of slapped in there...you can ague it if you want but the proof is there for those that wont to play with it...theres alot to mame that isnt apparent as phil now knows a little more he can suddenly load alot more games :D...please can someone enlight the people in xbox scene to use my build as rx will introduce alot more issues than what is mentioned above...I dont want to go into them as there are so many...some are catagories...naming...virtual mem....non volitle ram....parent cloning....key mapping...sensitivity of analog controls...and alot more.... please let them know....I have this stuff being attached to my name as I know its not done anywhere to my level...he was just lucky he used my 1300 game dats and I had fixed all that stuff or else it would have been a dogs breakfast.....this isnt to cause issues...it will cause me issues im sure and why I say


IM NOT SUPPORTING OTHER VERSIONS PLEASE STICK TO PROPER VERSION OR ELSE YOUR ON YOUR OWN....I DID PROPER VERSION TO STOP THIS STUFF....EG SHOWCASE OUT FOR 18MONTH NO REPORTED BUGS...this doesnt happen by accident like people think there is alot of TLC behind the product to make this happen.....please listen or else ill add you to my ignor list....as it causes me more work than I need to do and I need to press forward not look backwards....get on with the proper project or esle you will see its a mine field this stuff


ive made about 50 videos in xvid does anyone want to convert them to wmv for me :( so they can go into xmv.....:) ill be doing more the xtras really wherent good enough for ShowROOM in alot of places....

please dont scold me for this I can see the diff and its really easy to see the diff on an hd screen...with such large previews as CoinOPS has





What is the "proper" version that we should use then?


Going off the first post in this thread which is by you, CoinOPS, it makes it look like this RX version IS the proper one sanctioned by you. There is a list of the different versions that goes through: R6, R7, R8, R9, with the last one being "CoinOPS reigniteX". Is there another release that someone has done titled "CoinOPS reignite rX"?


i dled and am currently using the stand alone version titled "CoinOPS reignite X". is this correct?


what romset should this use? is there a romcenter or similar dat file for this?

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See what happens BP... :D


The Rx version he is referring to is the "Ressurection Xtras" Romset/dat.


"CoinOPS reignite X" is a totally different subject and is a "right" version to use.

It is now understandable where the confusion is coming from. :(


Hey BP, you need a genesis pc emu that captures in avi? Try Fusion 3.6

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I know the confusion as fumanchu released it as rX :) and it wasnt :(


I told rx not to release his one as it had so many bugs...it will be up to people to education them :D or they can live with the bugs me and my friends wont be :( cheers ive done 100 SNES ones now...dont know why this took you guys 4 years and most are the same as emu movies which I allready had :( now im having to do everyone by hand

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ok thanks for the explanation - i might just get the lite version now so that the roms included with it will be assured of working, then look at getting the full version when you finish your labour of love :D

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ive done 100 SNES ones now...dont know why this took you guys 4 years and most are the same as emu movies which I allready had :( now im having to do everyone by hand

The project has been a community effort for a little over 2 years.

(Rx, says he has been personally gathering things for 4)


Videos are but "one" part of the Xtras project.

I did over 1000.... and there weren't too many helpers for that matter. (hence myself)


I know you and Rx have might of gotten under each-others nerves in the past... and I don't condone any of it.

(along with any other people you "may" associate with the Xtras.



I see what you are doing...and your condescension is unappreciated and just plain rude! :D

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Oh well ... 100 videos finsihed now.... good luck Mega Man.... im sorry its pointless you hanging around here.... but I wish you the best.... take no offense its just I want to get back to this...


I do wish you the best as ive said before the xtras are of no use to me and ive now looked and this is much more like I was hoping for on my project... good luck though as you know our projects differ....


its not condersending its the true....pce slayer and I had all emu movies done in days.... and you have alot of people in your team...I should be though all SNES in days myself....im sure you are really busy and was wondering where all the time has gone.... I know your good at what you do but I know ill have to do these myself so there is no real point us communicating mega man.... dont worry I wont come and hassle your project I just want to polish this one



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