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Does anyone want in on a project to clean up about 100-150 game videos to Showcase level???? as I want ShowROOM full to be done to a high standard....and its lacking in parts using what I have now...?? let me know and it will speed things up....it takes about 10mins I guess per video so the more the merrier....


Bigby the quality of that video is very good....I dont know if you want in to help but you would be welcome....I know your on the xtras stuff and one way or the other im redoing alot of them...you can have them or leave them it will be up to you....im not going to ague about the quality of the xtras im sure you can see the diff between that Demon Crest and the one in the xtras...so I want the best of pack to be up to that kind of level



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Yes, there are many Vids in the Xtras that will slowly become less and less to par.

The first objective of the Xtras was to get a vid for every game... and then go back and try and upgrade some of the bad ones.


Most are from emu movies, and the rest were done by Me and my team. (mostly all the rare, odd ball, and foreign games :D )


I assure you that the ones we have hand made for the Xtras are at least to a greater standard than the emumovies ones.

Of course as technology improves, we will all want "HD/HQ" Videos and the current ones may all become obsolete. :( (some of these are actually pretty old, and needed the frame skip on among other performance issues just to get them made)



This was not our primary concern, and I am not offended by people upgrading videos.

We have already begun to do this, with some, just like yourself. BP


If anyone wants to continue this effort, I am sure it will be appreciated by all.

I offer this guide I made a while back: Mega Man (?)’s Guide to Making Game Preview Videos

It's not perfect, but it can help newcomers get started. :)

Best of luck

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well xtras are missing quite a few games....jap imports


but cheers it looks easy with ace emulator I did about 25 in an hour or to last night


but cheers megaman good luck with xtras...ill probably redo all the ones in my build pretty much to suit HD


Also I may work to a diff standard.....to that tut as I can really pile though these alot fast other ways....and if I cdont get co operation ill go it alone :D

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OK just did another 28 .... I guess ill do about 30-50 a day so it will take about 2 weeks to complete this but they should all then be of a good standard :D...as ive said I can no longer look at cores/features while doing this so this will be the next 2-3 weeks of stuff from me

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just record 2-40 seconds of a game then dump it to a video file...it will be called merged.avi rename it and then load another game and when action is happening and your moving click esc then goto record then play for 20-40 secs then click esc and click stop and then dump tab will show...click dump tab and and click dump....rename the merged file when its done :D


let me know if you work it out :( and then we can compair games done

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I'm sorry I'm not sure what to do with that. I took a look at that tool set and I don't currently even have SNES emulation running. I thought you already had some videos that just needed converted. I could probably handle that kind of stuff.

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