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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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heheh dont worry about cba and bigby they are just bitter and dont like being owned lol..... samba support is in dark and fixed to work properly unlike other builds....and works 100 percent...


Answer the Gentleman and don't use me as an excuse to bypass the question as usual.

Don't say "not in my vision" etc.

If you can't do something then say so, you won't loose kudos for not know something.

It's normal to not know everything.


PS. I own you bitch, remember ?

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If you are a private tracker torrenter that wants to get the X LITE or R2-R4 Showcase can contact me by PM.

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Anyone one got a link to reskinning coinops for total beginners...


I might give it a try, but i ha ve never skinned nothing with out tools that do it for you lol



No links sorry, but I would like to skin it "down the line" when I have finished with what I am currently working on.

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my god why dont the people that say real forum go and use there own threads...they have allready nearly complete killed there own ones....cba you do own me as everyone knows....


good luck to you im waiting for singularity 2.0 its on my most wanted list....and everyone I know....spend some time on it and post a new thread....it will own me for sure....dont be a bitter loser if you find your totally wrong though and take it like a gentleman....



if he wants smb in coinops its easy to find lots of tutorials etc on it...its been discussed a million times and is in the readme....and stf info......if not talk to run he will help you dark.....im not using it as an excuse ive dealt with dark many times and he doesnt reach anything really.....I even skinned it and learned to code it with no experience and no documentation..... and I know who I can work with and who I cant and dark is one I cant .... so as usual I wish him luck theres alot of info on the search but his questions have nothing to do with my vision ever and also hes trying to do stuff way ahead of himself with very little basic knoweldge....this isnt a beatup it just saves me time the simon cal approach...... if you spend the time and approach me as it being my project you can get stuff done if not you can cry and moan and try it yourself...and ill amuse myself at times watching your efforts to show me your skills...ive seen this stuff for way longer than cba or even rx and all have gone and all leave me smiling :)

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Nice job BP.

I will like to get my hands on this soon and check it out!

That being said...


Why the heck are you guys always battling...? :shootem:

and Bigby....

You have gone "Maverick" too...? :rolleyes:


You guys want to talk crap on each others work... fine...

but BP, let me just tell you something....

There are no real "sides" here....None!

please stop always assuming that there is a "them and us" factor


There isn't...


Have a nice day :)

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I know there is..... you havent ever read a forum pick any that has been locked in the past and read the last few pages.....it will become obvious why I wont talk with them at all and actively rem anything out they want :rolleyes:


so yes I will personally block them as bad apples..... and anyone who has been around knows why...they have personal insulted me

they hurt everyone with misinformation and plain child like behavour so I will never deal with them with respect and frankly I have none....ive seen all of there work first hand and frankly I dont want to work with them....even if it wasnt personal I have no faith in A there skills and B they know what people want....and have seen there child like behavour mean all there threads simple die...xbox scene decline so that it has less veiws every day and seen most people leave to here where they follow....im sure I actually should have done something about it, but I never have even though they make parnoid claims about this happening


But yes I wish I could work on my stuff here without them and could ignor the other stuff cause frankly the threads drop away very fast anyways and its why they come here....I permantly left xbox scene and must say its really gone downhill and the support on CoinOPS is shocking even though it is by far the most used emu now from all the surveys done and download stats... I hope at sometime they see its there stuff being hurt I have no doubt ill continue on till I achieve my goals


You have a nice day to Megmaan I respect what you are trying to do but simply put I do personally not want to ever work with them or even communicate with them and they keep coming......I personal have never had less faith in someones ablity than cba ever....

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OK I have a few console videos im not happy with can anyone help me with them? if now I may set up my recording card....


also im deciding at present what to insert into CoinOPS alot of beta code is around.....ill step up up another notch soon when I think about whats should be in it....and how it can go in seemlessly

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