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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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its been in there over a year :( just not turned on and wont be....look though the sources you will see it there...you never did your part I did my part :D told you about the issues and you didnt do your part...told you about 5 times its in there you didnt do your easy easy part....so you can link it to the gui when ever you want just grab the sources and do it...there is some issues you will work it out and then recode it to sort out the issues...but as stated so many times I needed help on this....so its off my todo list rx




Sorry dude....


Seriously didn't mean to disrespect you on that. (Even though I'm not sure what part you're refering to my 2 part question).


We just don't jibe man..... lyrically speaking, I mean. You say "Tomato", I say "Tomato".





I wish we had a phucking BP to RX translation guide where we always knew what each other was saying and meaning 100% of the time.


Anyways.... If this feature doesn't get done, no hard feelings. I know you got a million other things to do.


Thanks for the hard work,


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Coinops as a dash would be cool, and very useful to me if you could ftp things back and forth. But it sounds like each game needs to be inserted into the program somehow before its compiled so that seems really impractical for your average user that may want to add in whatever game or program they want.


I was specifically thinking that having a bunch of the new madmab edition emus in an emulator category with video previews for each would be pretty sweet. A homebrew category with their own movies would be most awesome. And before anyone brings up UnleashX, yes I know that it can do just what I'm talking about. I've used it but have never been happy with the results.


If that never happens I'm ok with that. Its just an idea. CoinOps has changed ALOT from your original goal of an emulator and romset that would fit on a standard xbox drive. It sounds like I'll have everything I've ever seriously wanted from this xbox mame thing when I get my hands on coinops x.

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rx you missed the window...then missed the window again...then missed the window again...so that window is closed now....other windows are open :( and the people helped out ... so guess what there stuff is in.... its easy to understand for me.... I have to do this so I make the rules if you want to do it yourself go ahead :D

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