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YEAH! converted my first vid..but i don't know if it works yet till someone can tell me how to add the games. also..does anyone know if the following titles work for the psx in coinops 2?


twisted metal 1

tomb raider

fighting force 1 & 2




Many thanks everyone for the patience and advice...

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you will need to look at that the file name and add as per readme...


look in the console supported games for the name


will be something like





then add a point file 0k file or renamed text file as




add the rom


PSX_thrillkill.bin or toa or iso


then add the PSX_thrillkill.xmv


then add the file name into Cat.ini in general folder as the catagory you want it to be in....Driving 3D


just copy one of the other ones



the stuff is in the readme

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hey guys im having trouble reading and supporting all these questionsss....


you can add what ever you want and can delete a bit if you get that wrong it wont boot when you run a game...then you can add stuff and rescan and it will work...if things settle with misinformation ill unlock the upgrade at sometime


the locks have worked perfectly....giving people an optunity to see a full build

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QUOTE: Yea I just read how to do it, grabbed a video from Youtube, converted from FLV to WMV then to XMV....took a total of 20 minutes to get the few programs and convert it...


I just spent a while finding the right program to get vids from youtube. but after i convert it to wmv...xmv says it can't convert it??? something driver 8??


You need Windows Media Encoder 9...


Follow this tutorial and you'll be set...




Once Converted use WMV2XMV (or XMVconverter) and in the CoinOPS "Read me" folder name your rom/game and the video the correct way according to that list, put in the right folders and you're done!

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yeah its easy do one and its easy as....just need to find the name and rename it to it...normally thats easy to find...


but one start a thread for a psx CoinOPS upgrade and ill do vids tell you stuff and patch in support files.....just get the thread a the games on ftp ill do the rest of the connecting and fixing any issues.....dont want a full set but maybe 50 games pack people would like and I dont know PSX well...I know Raystorm is all good :) and I know Gradius is all good there will be lots more im sure...

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as said many times....I dont use the xtras video....I did them with pcslayer and they where handed to xtras....the quality is bad so id need to redo them for CoinOPS 2...im sorry but maybe in SD at a small res they are ok but at 720p full screen they arent good enough....if they where id use them...it made me laugh they think im using there stuff when the orig convert of all these was done by others.....and to think I havent had these for years is funny.....


anyways seem like people might like psx and n64 done next..... but ill have a vote soonish...it wont take long to do that really


cant bleieve the numbers grabbing this...I hope people keep it alive...this leaves the old ones behind in numbers by looks

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I would like a list of psx games and n64 games to add soon...and Ill do a pack...it wont be a full pack just games that suit CoinOPS 2.....I have res evil and thrill kill and will post them tommorrow...


Hi ... exellent if you can give us a good ISO of Thrill Kill ... because i never can make it works fine on PCSX emulator on xbox :(

I Rip my old CD but black screen :(


I really want to play it again on xbox :)


If some want ... i have now the good Rip of "Ken Fist of the north strar" ... because many rim around the web are bad too and don't works fine :)



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