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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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Finished mine in the middle of the night. I've got a 1.7 ration on it so far. I'll be seeding for probably a week or so around 208kbs. :)


Edit: Jobo, it depends on what emulators you are using. Madmab emulator's config/save files are not located in the Tdata or Udata folders. Configurations for UnleashX are located in Udata or Tdata though.

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I'm going to try CoinOPS 2 as well. If I delete UDATA and TDATA folders, will all my configurations for other games and emulators be lost?


Jobo, just delete the "babe" and "boob" folders inside UDATA and TDATA. Those are the CoinOPS folders.

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Almost done downloading. I have uploaded 10gigs so far and I will keep seeding for a month or two. Good download speed in my opinion. Like 100-200 kbs normally.


I have finish too today :(

I have already share 9Go ... i can't share more than 60Ko :)

And i will let it share too one month :D

The download speed is good for me !


Just think to make update in the future ... always download all the package is long ...

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Hey guys!


Great release BP!


Just a couple of questions;


1. Is anybody else having slowdown issues with the GBA games? is there a way to fix this?


2. If I DL the full (not ripped) versions of the PSX games would I have music along with Tekken, Ridge Racer, SF, etc?


Thanks guys!



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momaw yes there is slow down in alot of gba games (same as all gba emulators on the xbox at present) ... and yes with the full download of a psx games you will have sound...except for tekken 3 if you do that it will stutter if thats done and has to be disabled after opening the game to play it properly


you can just add CoinOPS 2 and it will do everything....but id probably delete all the babe/boob folders from tdata and udata esp if its really slow


I have not included any screens as they slow down things a little and videos are smoother...also I have the new smooth scroll effect so the video never dissapears....so the pics where of no real use...

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