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  1. Once again, Thanks for the quick reply, I understand the process now! Last question, When you add a game, in the bottom right hand corner how can you make it say "Sports" or "RPG" instead of "ADDED GAME" when you manually add a game/rom yourself?
  2. Thanks a lot for the quick reply, I appreciate it!
  3. I wanted to add the Xbox version of MvsC 2 to this...I'm not understanding how to do it, I know you have to use that XBE Shortcut maker, and I've found the files for Street Fighter 3 Third Strike which was the Xbox version that is in CoinOPS 2....I've checked them out but just don't fully understand as the Red Me is brief in telling you how to do it... Is there any way to get a more in-depth tutorial on the steps? XBOX roms/XBOX_Gamename.zip (POINTER) this will boot /XBOX_Gamename.xbe (This should be a created from "Xbe Shortcut Maker.exe" to tell it where to point) This is what's in the tutorial...so I understand creating a pointer in the Roms folder, but do I extract the ISO and use XBE Shortcut maker and do something to the extracted ISO? And then where does the Files go?...
  4. You need Windows Media Encoder 9... Follow this tutorial and you'll be set... http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=359107 Once Converted use WMV2XMV (or XMVconverter) and in the CoinOPS "Read me" folder name your rom/game and the video the correct way according to that list, put in the right folders and you're done!
  5. When you add a game, in the bottom right hand corner how can you make it say "Sports" or "RPG" instead of "ADDED GAME"
  6. You can do it yourself its not so hard, just have to find the vids you need and convert them to xmv with the software needed Yea I just read how to do it, grabbed a video from Youtube, converted from FLV to WMV then to XMV....took a total of 20 minutes to get the few programs and convert it...
  7. Can you swear on these forums?.... This Emu/Rom package is fucking sweet! Every single fighter I wanted is in here, Mark of the Wolves, all the Capcom fighters...ect... I only have 1 question, as I was reading the last few pages back, there is a lock feature I assume if you try to remove roms, but I wanted to add a custom Tecmo Superbowl NES rom with 2011 rosters, how would I go about adding it? I took a look around and I think I get it...I read the read me files but just wanted to make sure you can ADD a few roms and no issues will come up....
  8. I'm at 75%, been going since two nights ago....I can't wait either...lol...
  9. Well..getting it now, around 400-500kb/sec...says about 18 hours left....Guess I'll head to bed and work tomorrow until 3pm and when I get home this should be finished. I'm really looking forward to this...
  10. Videos are all in the package and should be on kickass torrents from tomorrow PS welcome to 1emulation, home of the best emulator on the planet Thanks for the Info, so I should not continue with the Download of "Reignite" that is 6gb and has about 1500 roms if this will be out soon... And thanks for the Welcome, I've been messing in emulation for nearly 15 years now and look forward to the site and hearing new Ideas and playing new games/Emu's....
  11. Pardon my not know and this being my first post, but where do you find, download or create the movies for this Emu? The preview movies when selecting games....
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