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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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BP, do you want to add games like rRootage, Noiz2sa, shikigami no shiro 1 & 2, Psyvariar 2, they are great games and they are not big (less than 200mo) maybe i can make a pack with all these games, vids.


For Psx, i suggest Einhander, Thunderforce 5, Raystorm, Ridge Racer 4, Sokyugurentai, Silhouette Mirage...and dont forget Sin & Punishment for N64...Bangaio too :)



BP, are you interested by MadDog McCree or not ?

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OK N64 is now running in HD? do we want aspect correction switch to work and how many want a 3meg update for this? it also builds in Keymapping...anything else needed?


it will be in 2.1 anyways let me know if and how you would like this :)

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ok extract/overwrite these 2 files in CoinOPS 2 root and test Nintendo 64 in 720P...it will auto switch from 720p to 480i to 480P what ever is best :)


let me know the results of your tests....im right into the sources of Nintendo 64 now....and this stuff will be dicussed soon


do people want 2.1 to be a Nintendo 64/PSX best of upgrade with new features and new Games?


I put it out to the surreal team to work together if not ill do whats needed for CoinOPS users.....this took about 10minutes to add and I should have done it pre 2 really but I didnt concentrate on N64 or PSX really....ill add HD to Midway core and patch in some more stuff to that as well soon


and I must say N64 in HD looks alot better almost to sharp are the graphics :)

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does anyone know of Commodore 64 roms with no trainers or cheats?



gonna try coinops for first time in about 2 days when it's finished downloading, looking and sounding cool to me.


try these.




got it from a mate and had it on my pc for a few years and never really used it.


6000 c64 roms, no ideas about the trainers or cheats.

if they aren't correct, i am just trying to help.


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Yes everything else is 720p but the n64 are still distorted.I erased the surreal64 u and tdata.I heard something about the ver 1.0 xbox had that problem with a old version of surreal.ill keep trying keep up the good work coinops 2 is the shit.

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