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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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BP yeah tried f-zero same thing but if i disable the 720p its fine.But i do remember surreal having that same weird distorted look awhile back.I think i will survive with the other money 2200 games.your doing a fine job thanks again.

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can you report if F Zero is now playable in 720P?


also I cant tell the difference between surreal 5.4 and this? what video settings do you use...thats the only thing thats locked in CoinOPS but can be diff in Surreal....when I changed this in surreal it updates CoinOPS and I notice a massive difference between SD and HD massive


can someone help me test this

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As always the arcade part of CoinOPS 2 is outstanding. Very impressive with all the new games added! Everything seems to be working without problems.


I know you're determined about this BP but I think you should really consider removing the lock. I know why you put it there but instead of having people asking questions about modified releases you get questions about why CoinOPS isn't working from people who's been removing roms they don't want in it.


We're all forced to waste about 10-15 GB of space on stuff that many really don't care for. It's a stupid twist on an otherwise fantastic emulator. That's just my opinion. If not removing the lock then please at least make an option in the menu to hide console stuff.


Thanks for the awesome arcade update!

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dont care it stands now till 2.5 ...... why you ask


A I gave you plenty of warning and what to do to fix this.

B Its worked well for me

C bigby said he could remove it anyways

D Its worked in the past so why wouldnt it now

E It allows me to move forward very fast without misinformation questions....as I know what people did if they alter something....



PS new N64 stuff will only work on CoinOPS 2 so if your only in arcades stay with CoinOPS 1 stuff....im fast moving into N64 now....


Has anyone tested the N64 in HD it looks great

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