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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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Best of luck guys


Very informative, thanks. I was just wondering if credit was being given, where credit was due. That and, I was wondering if I should migrate away from any outdated standalone emulator releases for a possibly more updated version of any said emulators.


Best of luck in your continued crusade to create the most mega, or extreme, Xbox 1 project ever. :) I can't imagine you get much sleep.

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is there any more consoels you want in it :) if enough people wanted more it can be added....but if not I wont clutter the interface if is only for a few



Does DOS count as a console? :)


Epic Pinball

Duke Nukem 1-3

Hocus Pocus

Alien Carnage

Wolfenstein 3D

Jazz Jackrabbit



Commander keen 1-6


They are all playable with the right configurations.

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Looking like the torrent will be released tonight - or tomorrow at the latest. There will be an additional two seeds beside Ace. Please be aware, speeds will likely be slow in the beginning. This will get better as more people get the files and seed. Please seed and not just complain that the file is taking too long to complete. Do not cut-and-run after your download completes. With EPIC #1 a lot of people did that.

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Where are you uploading it?


Did you get the other files from the FTP so we are all in sync?


I bought a 100MB seedbox just for this so when im done speeds should be cool... I will seed for 1month from the seedbox


ETA to finish uploading to seedbox 4-5 days,


I can help seed from my home PC but NOTE this will impact the upload time to the seedbox

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