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  1. What's the output of the NullDC text window? There's a way to have NullDC output a logfile when launched from the cli, but I forgot how to do that. It's been a couple years since I've used it. EDIT; Okay, I found it. To dump a log, run nullDC from the command-line with the following parameters. "nulldc >gamename-log.txt 2>&1" Example: nullDC_Win32_Release-NoTrace.exe >gamename-log.txt 2>&1 If simply updating to the latest nullDC 1.0.4 revision doesn't work, you can sumbit the log to their bug tracker, and the issue may eventually get fixed. Downloads Bug Tracker
  2. This. Followed by... And... Maybe I'm misunderstanding your initial response, or something?
  3. Ah... the government of good ol' US of A. Openly criticizes other countries like China for censoring their internet, and what does it do? Tries to censor it's own. Clownery on a monumental level...
  4. They are fufilling their evolutionary roles trying to secure a stable, providing mate. I wouldn't call unreasonable for a woman to try to keep you faithful, or not to throw away her only biological bargaining chip for free. I wouldn't even call it uncalled for that they may lead some men around by their dicks just because they can for fun. If men know how badly marriages can end for themselves, financially or other wise, why do they still do it? That's biology for you. I disagree. Women have been becoming more, and more, independent from relying on partners/mates to secure financial, and familial, stability. With women (in 1st world countries) securing higher, and higher, paychecks, and on average getting better college educations, they're now putting themselves in sociologically unique positions where they can go for pure physical relationships. A sexual liberation of sorts that will continue to grow until more areas around the world are somewhat neutral/equal concerning financial status availability across sexes. Why would their sexual inclinations which are predicated by biological, and environmental, factors bother you? It's not like they choose to be gay any more than a straight person wakes up one day, and decides "hey, I think I'll choose to be hetero".
  5. Hi all. I just thought I'd pass on this Nintendo (not Microsoft) news in the most relevant section here. The NDS was backwards compatible and all with the GBA. Of course, Google is your friend.
  6. U-Said-it

    Coinops 3.

    All BP has done is made improvements to the MAME sources, and that's it. He'd like to take credit for the other emulators, but that's simply not true. He blatantly ignores not only the GPL, but the unwritten rules of the Xbox scene with no respect to anyone's work he has included in his bastard amalgamation of emulators. Now he has the arrogance to include Xbmc4xbox in his releases... It's like if someone went and modified a pre-existing OS (not even their own) like Windows, bundled a bunch of non-free proprietary software with it, and didn't let people pick and choose what they could install/remove in it. He must be suffering from some type of narcissistic disorder coupled with a few neuroses. Well, those are end users, and not the devs working on the emulator. Big difference... Really...? Someone should tell the unnamed few posters who continue to blatantly disregard the linking rules here. Capcom vs SNK 2, Doom 2, Street Fighter 3 (I have online PSN version), and others are all still being sold by their IP owners. There is absolutely no reason you couldn't buy the Doom collection pack through STEAM, or those various arcade compilation packs he ripped through XBLA, or the PSN. All in all, he's breaking so many laws it's apparent he doesn't care about any legality let alone respecting his fellow Xbox coder's hard work.
  7. I don't get it. Is this a warez site, or not? People openly asking for PMs, providing links, etc... Hey I'm all for a revision of the current ridiculous copyright laws, but the only matter of contention is how long a product is protected under the laws. The reasons they exist is perfectly valid, but 75+ years is just asinine. If you can at least admit that this is a warez site, I'd actually understand some of the members behavior. On the other hand there are sites that have the decency to not allow "current" games to be shared. People who torrent, or otherwise download, current music - current movies - PS3 - Xbox360 - Wii - NDS - or 3DS games are obviously douche-bags of the lowest character. Just remember that those NES games you picked up from Ebay, or a local yard-sale, were manufactured and sold over 20 years ago. This game is being sold now with the price of manufacturing, and distributing a cartridge. In case you're (anybody) some dumb teenager who doesn't remember, the reason games made the switch from cartridge to discs was one of manufacturing costs coupled with memory size limits. Remember the runner up in the N64 vs PSX battle? It was decided by Nintendo's adherence to the cartridge. Sony won.
  8. I get that these roms can be played in the Xbox Sega Genesis/Megadrive emulators... but. Why not post this in the PC, Gamecube, or Wii sections Wouldn't it be simpler just to post them in the relevant "Genesis / Mega CD" sub-forum board?
  9. I don't see why that's the case. They are completely separate issues. The SDK stuff is the reason why binaries are only uploaded anonymously to some obscure irc. Devs should continue to follow the same rules as everyone else. If BP does indeed include ScummVM in the next release of his, and it's been modified to interface with his frontend, I'd demand the full source code to any changes made to ScummVM (and by proxy the rest of his emulator + gui). Failure to do so would be blatantly dismissing the concept of OPEN source, the programming community, and the LAWS surrounding the issue. If the GPL isn't followed, why all the hub-bub about closed source, open source, or even crediting people? If you're referring to ScummVM, that's very unfortunate. If you call yourself breaking the law, and insulting an entire community of programmers who conducts themselves properly shit talking, that is also unfortunate. If I see any hint of ScummVM in your next version, I'll notify the proper ScummVM team leaders, and let them take action (if any) from there.
  10. 1. Well besides the use of the Microsoft SDK, and proprietary headers. We can all agree this is why binary/package only releases should remain the way it is now... The endorsment a complete package (scummvm is not to be distributed with games). 2. And most importantly of all, the GPL. Not including, and adhering to, the GPL license is pretty serious. Assuming they knew who was modifying, and distributing it, they could follow legal proceedings against so said party. There is also the issue of linking GPL apps to non-GPL apps, or libraries. If the source was modified in any way to interface with CoinOPS, that could also potentially open up CoinOPS itself to being in violation of a blanket GPL license as well.
  11. While A600 probably did extra features for the Xbox, I hardly call compiling an open source project enough to take credit. All credit for the ScummVM compatible games goes purely to the ScummVM Team, no one else. Also, I know for a fact that they would not want their honorable project being besmirched by it being illegally included in CoinOPS.
  12. Obviously, BP is overly sensitive to criticism... On the other hand, are any of these emulators sources 'open'? I doubt it. He had no responsibility to release his modifications.
  13. Maybe. It is shipped as a original cartridge, for the actual system. I'm not sure how much all the parts for building an nes cartridge would cost for a small operation. @Fumanchu How did the first post link get fixed? Perhaps you'd like to tell Sivak over at his offical BK Romhacking.net thread how much everyone is enjoying the romdump? http://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php/topic,7751.0.html
  14. Very informative, thanks. I was just wondering if credit was being given, where credit was due. That and, I was wondering if I should migrate away from any outdated standalone emulator releases for a possibly more updated version of any said emulators. Best of luck in your continued crusade to create the most mega, or extreme, Xbox 1 project ever. I can't imagine you get much sleep.
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