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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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Can anyone tell me what the underlying engines in CoinOPS are?


Does it simply package the likes of Surreal64, Pcsxbox, Neogenesis, Final Burn Legends, MAMEoX, etc. under one GUI?


Or are the built from the ground up, from scratch? If they are the former, have they been modified?


Like for instance, if Pcsxbox is the engine running PSX games, has it been modified for bug fixes, or speed increases? Has Surreal been modified for speed increases, or compatibility?


I understand there's no license like the GPL on an offical SDK, but some documentation would be nice. Can I find docs on this somewhere?

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thats why theres lot of controverse with BP's work...some peoples said he's a "thief"...im not judging his work, but CoinOPS is more than just a Gui compiling differents core. He improves them, update them, add features likes "pixel perfect"....so thanks to BP :)


Sorry 4 my english

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its most emus....under one gui...and yes they are heavly update....not so much console wise....but it will run most of them.....and be seemless


Its mostly Mameox....with about 10,000 changes (100s and 100s of new drivers and driver fixes....and 100s of new features)....final burn legends with about 1,000 changes (50 or so new drivers and 100 or so driver fixes) and xport emus with about 500 changes per emu (mostly standardisation so its seemless in CoinOPS)....and surreal64 with 500 changes (mostly standardisation so its seemless in CoinOPSs)....ummmm alot more though mameb6 (midway games with speed)....Killer Instinct and heaps more really.....Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike


if something needs updating or intergrating I do it.....


and yes that means it runs 100s and 100s of games that wont run if you have all these emus on your xbox...it also means lots and lots of features wont be there if you have all these emus on your xbox.....


but surreal and psx arnt modified much and if your really into them id stick with the full emus for now....ill look at these in more detail at some time and maybe able to work with the teams if not ill do work alone that best suits a vision of a clean interface with great sorting that plays everything needed.....


if you want everything in an engine that sorts this stuff and plays it and is easy to use for everyone, also it has all the xtras like synopisis and videos....not just the ones from emumovies most are redone so they display in hd well as the ones others use dont...and hd videos play everywhere in CoinOPS...in the screensaver...on the skin...in game information....if you want something that has so much attention to detail is constantly improved CoinOPS 2 will be the answer....it plays nearly everything, is hands down miles ahead in arcade emulation and is hands down the simplest most powerfull sorting engine availbe on the xbox today...plus the full pack is tested end to end and everything is there and done for you and works. The last two full releases had very few if any bug reports in years of use over 1000s of xboxs across 1000s of games


The largest pain ive had is with documenentation and dont have much time to do this as I prefer to update the emus....but I do show people eventually how to run everything with a point release and a full build...this answers most of the added stuff...and I do have alot of documentation in the emu that not to many read before asking questions anyways.....


Yes alot dont like it as they dont want old sources improved or want them to stay in there orig GUI.....some have even tried misinformation and smear tactics and ive seen the worst behavour of man kind in stuborness at times...ive seen people telling me about what ive done and I know I didnt......ive seen a few vocal people with no real skills telling me the sillest stuff and expecting me to listen......it was not xports wish to see it under his GUI and this is from his words and why he added commandline stuff and docummented how to do this on other emus....which I added to CoinOPS so you can run this though any emu that supports commanline launching and you wont see the CoinOPS GUI (note no other arcade emu on the xbox has this)....ive never wanted the other projects to die I would rather work with them...but it has been clear they wanted me gone by any mean possible and I just want to improve things...and have been doing this for years....and little by little people have tried CoinOPS and little by little they see the attention to detail and improvements...not in one area but across the board.....


overall this has 100s of games not playable elsewhere on the xbox.....many big titles....this has 100s of features not playable elsewhere on the xbox....like HD mame....like video preview mame...like mouse trackball support...like synopsis in mame....like pixel perfect in mame...like aspect correction across the board in one click button.....like....................................................



Best of luck guys

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You've done a lot for the community BP, hope we can start a new chapter and get along better from now on. :)


I am kinda new to arcades on the Xbox, so am still learning everything. It will be interesting to compare CoinOPS 2 to Final burn Legends 1.3.

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CoinOps is the Total Mega complex GUI with tons of mod / options for almost every possible emulators for Xbox by an super-genius alien named BP.


and yes.. once he completed CoinOPS 13 he will enslave all the mankind and collect some hefty tax. :) .. so let's pray he updates this forever!

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Sega VMU! :)


If I ever finish MSX and the Xtras for it, I'll make a best of, maybe then you can add it (or not). MSX has of course the Metal Gear games, but some great shoot 'em ups too.

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question is whats the biggest bang for buck???


msx???...ummm maybe

XBMC media playing???

N64???? by the way the surreal is looking good....ill add it to CoinOPS if they allow if not ill update CoinOPS soon for HD then decide if I need to update the core....again bang to buck


im not sure at the moment....for now ill see how things go

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hey guys also please make sure you release the same version of CoinOPS 2 its only ace and phil at present that will be giving it out...others have it....but you to need to be in sync


maybe ill release a new pack....another 1000 games.... who wants to help???

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