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you guys dont look you have it in sync :) bummer I guess there may end up as 2 diff versions.....they wont differ alot it will be like CoinOPS 2 and 2.1....unless phil is in sync with you ace


I have added the 12 new games and all the PSX games except Micky Mouse... If we are not in sync I will start a new torrent as I think incorrect file sizes can corrupt a download (dont quote me i could be wrong)


I also noticed a few games without videos when setting up my favouriote games lastnight :)


Fieldgoal is one... Goal92 has a video file but it didn't seem to run... I will remove it and re-add it incase it corrupt during file transfer


For those interested I played Tekken 70% through and Streetfighter 40% with no issues :)

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let me know about the video they all work my side.....go end to end and see they all work and if they do its all good if not redown one and if it still doesnt work let me know and ill reup them.....ive been end to end quite a few times with no issues


PS : bigby you have all the final fight videos in good quality in your showroom or showcase build....you should play alot of those games though as alot of them lock up later on :) esp capcom games and it doesnt matter the res....just a hint but alot crash on level 3 or 4 type of thing....unless of course you fix the drivers....and they are on your download list and they are also discussed at xbox scene and confirmed whats wrong and what to do to fix some of them....although most just said play it in CoinOPS (even your founder came to that conclusion later on).....just a heads up from the past id read up cause you are about to give people stuff that doesnt work when played....eg gwange can be fixed as well but by default it will lockup in 720p as well as some of the others....but hey maybe it doesnt have alot of problems....ps want me to point out some more....resize the screen in a vertical game to suit and then try a horizontal game :) now thats wierd and it kills all the games now.....want some more???? ps all can be fixed patchs are pretty easy....


anyways +T+ says there are no bugs and im making them up.....try the resize its really wierd but oh so painfull....I might hint at a bug a day for you bigby in your build your handing out......tommorrow I might do sound......if only it wasnt repeating stuff done years ago........ :)


hmmmm ok I should stay out...best of luck Bigby I feel sorry for people but it will work mostly...and some might live with this stuff and think it cant be solves......ignorance is bliss they say...there has been alot of hints for you from many people on this site its kind of up to you to read forums from years ago as this stuff has long since come to conclusions.....those that forget the past are deemed to repeat in the future....


Peace all......I hope the release goes a better at some point.....

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Thanks for the helpful information, BP.


When I resized a vertical game screen, then played a horizontal game, the game screen had shifted to the left. Is this what you meant?


Okay, you made your point, there are many issues with FBL. Well I'm gonna finish converting the videos, upload them and inform people of the state of this old build of FBL. I will then point them in your direction and CoinOPS 2, and you can deal with them. :)


This can be a archive of what FBL was and what it became in CoinOPS, so people can make a decision on which to go for.

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Hey BP,


We will all be in sync! The two seeders have finished downloading so the torrent will likely be going up late this evening.


Regarding Super Mario Bros, that was one of the arcades I recommended adding (along with a lot of Nintendo VS and Play Choice games), but I don't think they made the CoinOps 2 cut. However, that's not to say they never will. BP and I can go through the list together and release an update patch for CoinOps 2 that would include additional arcades, maybe along with the release of PP for FBL/Consoles. :)



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