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  1. I am so sorry about begining of 4096 files mentioned. I didn't think things would come to this. It works fine to delete even "game info" directory from coinops. "game info directory" is just comment about the games, I think. So I hope people do not worry about that and making 4096 issues anymore. Thank you for Coinops Team.
  2. Thank you so much BP That's what I want. You are a gerat expert! And I like pixel perfect for another reason is very smooth frame rate. I don't know frame rate is the same aspect ratio, do just filtering off, as pixel perfect. (It is easy to see while scrolling to move next stage in "bubble bobble") Anyway, I am so happy to waiting R3. Have a good day!
  3. Thanks BP I can play super mario world without any filtering. I really like pixel perfect for console. It is awesome! I appreciate you. Mostly pixel perfect (arcade) is very useful. but ahm.. some games must change setting because too much cropping. So I hope function to save setting each games individually or to add pixel perfect x1.5 ~ x1.7. Also GBA is small size using pixel perfect (console). maybe a little bit bigger than now is so cool, I think. Finally files is too much in "game info" directory. over 4096 files. So I can't upload 11 files. That is a fatx limited, I think.
  4. Can you add an xml to make Super Robot Wars Alpha? Great! you are expert, I've never seen before. But ahm.. now I think I know why coinops doesn't support BIOS mode. maybe it was license. isn't it? So I just wait HLE mode improved much more. I appreciate you help.
  5. I don't know coinops using what PS1 emulator. But ahm.. may be using a PCSXBOX, I guess. Anyway, you know PCSXBOX has a lot of option to play games well. http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=69250 This site help how can I mix option to play games well. And the BIOS and HLE mean a part of start option of PCSXBOX. When I start to play games at first time, I can choose between BIOS mode and HLE mode. According to the site, "Super Robot Wars Alpha : Yes, Works in BIOS mode PERFECTLY. Freezes the controls in HLE mode. - deusprogrammer" Actually I have got a problem to play "Super Robot Wars Alpha(PS1)" with coinops. That was freeze when I clear 1 stage. So I try to found other games which use only BIOS mode. That was a Cool boders 3. "Cool Boarders 3 Works only in BIOS, Not in HLE, 100% in BIOS - Gonzo_PhD " If coinops can play Cool boarders 3, just using BIOS mode instead of HLE, I think. So I renamed Super Robot Wars to Cool boders 3, but it was same freeze when I clear 1 stage. It is difficult up to compatabilty of PS1 in short time. I just hope coinops add list Super Robot Wars Alpha at next time. Thank you very much BP.
  6. Excuse me, Can I change setting at play station games? I want change HLE to BIOS mode in some games for compatibility. Like this, "Super Robot Wars Alpha : Yes, Works in BIOS mode PERFECTLY. Freezes the controls in HLE mode. - deusprogrammer" I hope to support Super Robot Wars Alpha at R8, if it is impossible. Thank you very much BP.
  7. Thank you so much. I found pixel perfect in advance option. You a great expert, I think.
  8. Hello, I used EPIC R6. It was great! But ahm.. I found a serious problem with R6. It was Pixel perfect disappeared. Ofcoures, I saw README and pixel perfect was replaced by an aspect ratio. This is so pity.. You know, I can play game without any video filtering, when I use a pixel perfect. But aspect ratio use video filtering like a bilinear filtering, I am sure. How can I know that? Because I have eyes of hawk. Anyway I don't understand why do you give up pixel perfect. I hope genuine pixel perfect come back with R7. Thanks a lot.
  9. I'm so sorry. I didn't know rules. Anyway I try to use to remap and changing Analog, it was good working. and try again to change D-PAD was good working too. Thank you so much. You are a great expert. I really appreciate you, and have a nice day!
  10. Thank you for reply. 2) I'm not sure how many games have a same problem. Because I didn't test lots of games not yet. To be sure some games character moved weird. When I pushed D-pad left button, the character can't move left well at playing "Terranigma" (SNES). Upper button is same. but right and down button is good working. What’s even stranger every button are good working in other SNES games. like a "Super Mario World". If you have a time, try to play "Terranigma" (SNES). This game is the heart of problem, I think. I did my best to solve it like delete save files and re-install R3, they were useless. maybe I'll come back original EPIC until R4. I appreciate you always. Have a nice day.
  11. Hello I've found some problems at EPIC R3. 1. I can't play Super Mario 64 (n64). ( Original EPIC can play well. I just moved rom file to R3..) 2. Some SNES games control is weird. For example,Terranigma(SNES) can't move where I want. In this game, I can not move to upper left. but original EPIC very well too. And I hope R4 have a function not to use any video filters in Console. Because I loved original dot graphic. Thank you very much.
  12. Thank you for reply. I think this is so cute. What is this? Anyway, Have a nice trip.
  13. Hello, I'd like to play Console without any filtering like a bilinear or trilinear. You know this is so classical. As I know every console emulators have a video option. Please don't use bilinear filtering by default which Snes and other consoles. Thank you for making coinops
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