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Just played Osman for the first time in Coinops. I'm really impressed with how smooth it is and how badly I suck at it. lol


btw, my xbox says hi http://neosource.1emu.net/img219.jpg


wow man looks like your xbox is straight out of hamburger hill!! :P


its alive!!!! quick get the morphene!!!

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Out fixes is auto sound off due to ummmmmm speed can tru it with all sound enabled and tell me if you think by default it should be on.

We had a look at escape kids and didnt fix it....ill atempt to fix it soon.


Skull Fang has sound ill correct the post soon... :P


I wont be fixing saves at this point its way down on piority its tagged in readme and FAQ as buggy.



******** Skull Fang (Now Playable) ********

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I fixed Night Slashers' sound.


You all can thank XxHellsFuryxX for that, I owed him a favor and he asked me to go back and look at it. :P

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