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I got the standalone ReIgnite R2 working now, but some games have missing roms.

Is there a link to the Showcase Version with all roms and videos? If "yes" please pm me.


the games i uploaded work just fine with no missing roms well apart feom cabal which isnt even there as i didnt have a proper working version at the time.

if you are having a problem with a certain rom then just go to your favourite download site and get another one to try.



@iq 132 congrats on the night slashers driver awsome work there.

@bp i noticed that when you click down on the left thumbstick with autofire it works fine,but if you die or insert a credit during play auto fire automatically switches off,just thought i would let you know.

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I'm so happy "Fighters History" is in, I used to play that game loads in the arcades :)


Also Night Slahsers, awesome game, can't believe it!!!


does that mean the japanese version of Night Slashers will be working also in coinops? cause thats the uncensored version.


This is turning into something very special, thank you BritneysPAIRS and iq_132! :D

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would martial masters be possible?




or killing blade?




or battle k-road?




or daraku tenshi?




or any of the other PSIKYO SH2 games? (they all look great)

the PSIKYO SH2 games are already in coinops,they can be a bit sluggish with the sound on,if you play with sound off then they play great.battle k road has a little bit of slowdown as well but not much.

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oh awesome! iv got a 1ghz 128mb xbox (talk to trusty on xbox scene, I would definately reccomend one of these to anyone, they run cpx3 at fullspeed and more!) so maybe i'll be alrite with sound too? :)

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If i try to update Neogeo drivers to latest MAME version, it will give the bamboo or it interest no one? I'll have a try with my own build, Neogeo has always been my favorite, and one of the most complicated drivers. Moooooooo let me now mooooooooo!

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