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  1. Can i have the link for the this awesome emulator? Thanks.
  2. Would like a pm for the full build. Thanks.
  3. Can i have the link for R3? Coinops Reignite is great.
  4. Waiting for the release. Thanks for the hard work.
  5. Could i have a link for latest standalone too? Coinops reignite getting better, awesome!
  6. 8 GIG dual layer disc 700 GAME Pack is great. Will help to seed if on torrent or donkey network.
  7. Thanks for the great work, BP. Looking forward to CoinOPS Reignite Showcase.
  8. well done, BP Fu, can i have a copy? Thanks.
  9. Waiting for coinops ignite R6, any chance to get dragon world to work?
  10. You can use video switcher to switch to NTSC and you got to have hd cable.
  11. Your rom might not work on CoinOps if i am not wrong.
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