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Super Street Fighter IV (Official Thread)


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SF4 site has updated with Jolyne and Hawk's bios.



- Juri (New, revealed in announcement), Deejay (Returning, revealed in Famitsu), T.Hawk (Returning, revealed in announcement)

- Five more characters left to unveil.

- Full new game, console release for Spring 2010 for 360/PS3

- Not going to be full priced (!!)

- Having SF4 disc will be used for something special with SSF4.

- New Music (?) T.Hawk's theme exists



- Dudley, Ibuki, Makoto, Adon, Cody, Guy, Hakan (New) to be determined.

- New Ultras for existing characters (This is leaning towards confirmed, but nothing revealed yet)

- New stages

- Arcade release.


Jolyne Kujo vs T.Hawk

Refill bars is on.



Get your screens at SF4blog.


Jolyne Kujo's Bio


Name: Han Juri

Country: Korea

DOB: January 1st

Age: 25

Height: 165cm

Weight: 46kg

Three Sizes: 83cm/56cm/85cm

Blood Type: AB

Likes: Spicy food, spiders, huge breasts

Dislikes: Rules, excitable people

Occupation: S.I.N agent

Talent: Never once forgetting accepted teachings

Fighting Style: Taekwondo, S.I.N Feng Shui Engine


Huge tits and her bust size changed :V!

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Fuck yeah! Cody!


I've wanted him back since SF3 was first released man. Loveit.


But damn... no Urien!?! How can this be!!!? :blink: Still, Dudley coming back is sweet he was one of my favs.


Adon, one of my favs from Alpha but I dunno.. maybe Rolento or Sodom might've been better?

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At least they'll have all the characters from SSF2 now. DJ and T-Hawk should've been in the initial release if you ask me. I always did like Dudley, don't care for the others. You know what they should do, add Haggar. He was supposed to be in the original SF2, but they decided they wanted Street Fighter to have all original characters and that's why Zangief exists. Then in Alpha they started adding Final Fight characters anyway, but Haggar didn't make it.

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Yes, definitely wait if you haven't bought SF4 already.

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That looks really stupid. Really.

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