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Peace Out


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Unfortunate that you're leaving being the only frequent female around.


Well I guess I don't count :P

Ohhh hey I forgot sorry. :D


Again, i'm too infrequent to rely on my memory. :P

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you should of seen the XXL enigma days - holy shit that was bad!


Holy crap when was that 2001? lol :P

A long fucking time ago. I remember lurking around and witnessing some of that Eugen Popovici debacle, not counting the times years later when he decided to come back.

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I don't post that often anymore...but I don't see much negativity on this board, to be honest.



I don't mind crude or morbid joking every now and then. To each his own. But when I talk about a subject that to me, seems like a significant issue for any normal person and get some outrageous responses, I get really agitated.


I guess I jumped the gun on the negativity part. To put it more accurately, it was more of a negative response to what was being posted. In my opinion, when something is posted that is obviously not contributing something intelligent or meaningful to the topic, it's insulting therefor bringing out negative responses making it negative all together.



There have been two major instances for me.



One about the mother eating her child and the other about rebuilding the altar.



Those two subjects had some really idiotic responses. When I post something, I want to talk about it. If you want to put trash on a thread where someone is trying to strike a conversation, go to the SPAM forum. That's what it is there for.



But in all honesty, I did take it too close to heart. I just have to remember not everyone is like me. But that doesn't mean that I have to ignore things like that when it's a sensitive subject to not just myself but most of humanity.

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