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Peace Out


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I decided to call it a quits on the forum.


Will, AkihiroZi, Fatal, Agozer, GameCop, Inky, Shoma, Snowpatr0l, Veristic & Stf, you guys are awesome. You're just about the only ones who contribute something intelligent to a conversation. Hit me up on Myspace or FB some time.


I know there's some things that everyone can disagree on but seriously...the negativity and outrageous responses that go on here has become old for me. This is a gaming forum. A place where people with similar interests come to search for information, play games and just chat and share stories with people. There are quite a few who taint this place by their immaturity and lack of decency.


Don't get me wrong, I don't take things seriously. It's just there are enough negative things in this world. When I login, I want to have fun and joke around or share my thoughts on something I or someone else might find important.


So in conclusion,





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Hera that’s pretty manipulative!


It’s like me going “Hey guy’s I’m leaving the only people I liked here are “insert random bunch of names” thus alienating others! We have been on this forum since 2003!!!


You know what guys are like – we rib and tease – and if anyone was disrespectful to you including myself I’m SURE they would apologise!!! We are all mostly good guys at heart.


You say it yourself “This is a gaming forum. A place where people with similar interests come to search for information, play games and just chat and share stories with people.”


I come for the spam and the lounge and the occasional gaming chat! Everyone knows I’m as daft as a box of frogs – I think it’s fair to say – you have made a point-

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1emu had a lot more "fights" in the time before you registered, I just remembered the days JKKDark was here, spammed like hell and get on everybodys nerves.

Sometimes we are all in a bad mood, but that doesn't mean, we don't want to discuss or allow the opionion of another guy/gal.

If you want to quit, do so. It's aöways sad to see someone quits.

But don't forget, the guys you like, will be here in 6 or 9 months aswell, so you probably cooled down and come back.

And then, I can say, I told you so. :(

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you should of seen the XXL enigma days - holy shit that was bad!


He back on A@H he is, he seem to redeem himself the last time I checked. Some of the members were pretty stubborn towards him, I won't name them but they were stubborn. All I can say is what happened in the past is the past and nothing can change that, we all make mistake and it's best to forget and forgive. Being stubborn is not only negative towards other people it's also bad for your health. I treat people how I want to be treated, if they're negative towards me, I just won't connect to them and take no notice of them. :(

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I contribute intelligence? Lol, since when?


Seriously Hera talk it out with whoever it is that you have a problem with, I enjoy your posting here. I would be sad if you didn't come on and post your ways through the forum every once in a while. Hope you don't make it permanent :(.

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Take a break, and then come back. There will always be immature dicks on the Internet, and this place is hardly an exception. Besides, you are one of the more sane members here, and a kind of person who seems to really get into whatever lengthy conversations we have. So it's really a bummer to see you come to this conclusion.


I have to agree with some of the people who posted that things were a lot more chaotic way back, when and things have since mellowed out considerably (in a both good and bad way). If there's something I can do to convince you to stay, or even come back after your break, I'm all ears. Most people who leave simply leave without saying anything and disappear, so it's kinda disheartening to see a thread from a long-time member suddenly announcing that he/she has had enough, even more so when their reasons are something else than Real Life™ getting in the way.


So yeah, do reconsider. This is the Internet after all.

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