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Peace Out


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advert at home is harsh place to post tim eckel banned me for spamming! That douche bag! lol


Oh that arrogant swine lol, I would just leave him alone, he just not worth wasting time with and beside he is also a family man. Also he doesn't care what people say or think, he has thick skin. :(

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I'm sorry to see you go Hera. I hope you reconsider, but I know how you feel. I was gone for a few years. I don't even remember why I left. or why I came back. but 1emu does get in your blood and under you skin at the same time. lol.

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When you find this place on the internet where these problems don't exist, be sure to let me know. Although I'd have to agree with what others have said, Most of the people on here are just screwing around. In fact everyone is, the only people who weren't are banned. I wonder why that happened :(

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Huh what?


Did I miss something happening? I usually do cuz I don't frequent the place enough.


But I can understand the disapproval of negativity; the internet is fraught with it. :(


Unfortunate that you're leaving being the only frequent female around. I would've liked to get to know you better. Can I add you on facebook? :(

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