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Peace Out


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holy shit i leave or get put down for a few weeks and come back to find this awww i missed u guys


You didn't miss me enough if you couldn't hit me up on your friend's list on Myspace! FOOO!!



I still <3 ya though. You're too cute to hate.

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You know...


There was a time when this place was very "intelligent" and people always had something to contribute. Lots of threads were about gaming/emulation back then but those times have passed. I've also spoken with other users about how some of the posts on 1emu are just a waste of time to read, but there are ridiculous gems here and there. I just wish the revival of the irc had worked but no one here seemed too interested in logging in.


Don't be hard on yourself for a thread you eventually just take back, even I've left this place with no notice for long amounts of time for seemingly no reason. Things just change, people just change.


I don't expect some of those users from the past to ever come back, most of them are still around here somewhere, but like I said, things change.


That is a brief mention of my perspective, something I don't offer all that often.

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