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CAT Arcade Emulator for XBox


Releasers Gavin19, Fumanchu, STF (just click on a name for PM)


Welcome to HD !


Coinops Ignite will allow you to play your arcade games in 720p and enjoy a new experience.

This emu has been thought to be useful and simple to use for everyone.


The standalone release contains a prefered 1000 games list, chosen from 2500 working games.

All the recommended games have been tested and configurated (normal settings, normal coinage).

BritneysPairs also delivers screenshots for all those games, redone for quality and to fit the emu.


Prefered games Screenshots (A to L games): click HERE

Prefered games Screenshots (M to Z games): click HERE



CoinOPS IGNITE features:


- HD Mode 720p

- Clean Interface with large previews and information overlay

- Autofire: Semi-auto and Full auto allowing charge (one click ingame)

- Vertical Games Rotation 90° for horizontal gameplay (rotated keys)

- 90° rotation for Tate monitors (everything rotated except Skin)

- Widescreen functions (extended aspect ratio for rotated and horizontal games)





First use WARNING !


Place the content of the Save folder in E:\TDATA and E:\UDATA.

The save is called babe2009.

(If you want to keep your settings and rom folders paths from a previous IGNITE beta

just place your configurated mameox.ini in e:\tdata\babe2009\system)


After a first launch, use the "Scan All Your Games" Function to be able to sort by genre.


Using the Features.


CoinOpS is easy to use and protected. You can lock a lot of options if you're afraid of new users.



- When the advanced settings are hidden then you hide too:


adding or removing the time played games stats,

adding or removing the roms

refreshing the games infos

the default gamepad remapping

the ingame settings (keys & dip switches) : Only the CHEATS will be shown


In the basic settings page you'll find interface options, rotation 90° and autofire options.



- Allowing the advanced settings opens the pandora's box.


here you choose the video mode, the widescreen features, the sound quality,

the vm settings, the Tate monitor, the button for autofire.

Here you can also unlock the keys remapping for ingame functions (gamepad defaults)

Pressing the 2 thumbs will enter the hidden path selection settings.

(if you have defined a new rom folder then use the "Scan All Your Games Function")





Ingame autofire: Left thumb=Semiauto (press FIRE key to shoot but no charge)

Right thumb=Full Auto (fires without pressing, press when you want to charge weapon)

BACK disables the autofire



Detailed BUTTONS and FEATURE (can be read in CoinOPS IGNITE main menu)


----------------------- IN GAME CONTROLS -----------------------


BACK - Insert Credit

START - Play Game

BACK and START - Go back to GAME Selection


A - Button 1 ( Normally Fire )

B - Button 2 ( Normally Jump )

X - Button 3

Y - Button 4

Left Trigger - Rotate Gun or Brake

Right Trigger - Rotate Gun or Accelerate


BACK and WHITE - Pause Game and Remap Keys or Cheat


Left Thumb Button - Enable Semi-Automatic fire

Right Thumb Button - Enable Autofire ( Pressing fire can charge your weapons )

BACK - Quickly Disable Autofire


----------------------- GAME SELECTION CONTROLS -----------------------


WHITE - Favorite / Average GAME switch ( Favorite game shows as GOLD colour )

BLACK - All / Favorite GAMES switch ( Shows all GAMES or GOLD Games )


Gamepad Left - Jump up for fast finding a GAME

Gamepad Right - Jump down for fast finding a GAME


BACK - This will change sort method By NAME, By YEAR, By MOST PLAYED.......

X - Sort by Name

Y - Sort by Type

B - Sort by Manufacturer

Left or Right Thumb Button - Sort by Times Played ( Jump to Most Played )


----------------------- ADVANCED IN GAME CONTROLS -----------------------


BACK and WHITE - Pause Game and Remap Keys or Cheat

BACK and BLACK - Show Framerate And Free Memory

BACK and Left Trigger and Right Trigger - Restart Game

BACK and Right Thumb Button - Onscreen Display

BACK and Right Trigger and Right Thumb Button - Load Game ( Buggy )

BACK and Left Trigger and Right Thumb Button - Save Game ( Buggy )

BACK and Left Thumb Button - Lightgun Crosshair Display

BACK and A and B - Take In Game Snapshot


----------------------- GAME SELECTION COLORS -----------------------


Colorise Your Game Selection must be ENABLED


WHITE - Stardard Game

GOLD - Set to Favorite

DARK GREEN - All Time Classic Game


BLUE - Game doesnt have sound

RED - Lightgun supported Game





CoinOPS IGNITE is released, and will be the starting point for a newer work.

BritneysPairs will not forget you so easily...


At the moment enjoy CoinOPS IGNITE !!!



(Version francaise juste apres) (French version as a 2nd post)

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And for the first time in french (sorry all admins but I promised).

This is only a translation, no french reactions please.





CAT Emulateur Arcade pour XBox


Distributeurs Gavin19, Fumanchu, STF (cliquer sur le nom pour envoyer un mp)


Welcome to HD !


CoinOPS Ignite vous permettra de jouer en 720p et apprecier l'experience HD.


La version Standalone contient une liste de 1000 jeux preferes, choisis parmis 2500 jeux compatibles.

Tous les jeux recommandes ont ete testes et configures (difficulte normal et paiement par defaut).

vous trouverez des photos d'ecran de qualite, retaillees pour l'emu, sur les liens suivants:


Screenshots Jeux recommandes (JEUX de A a L): cliquez ICI

Screenshots Jeux recommandes (JEUX de M a Z): cliquez ICI





- Mode HD 720p

- Interface soignee, avec large previsualisation et infos detaillees du jeu

- Autofire: Semi-auto and Full auto autorisant la charge (un click en cours de jeu)

- Rotation 90° des jeux verticaux pour une jouabilite horizontale (rotation des touches)

- Rotation 90 ° pour les moniteurs arcade verticaux (tout est bascule sauf le skin)

- Fonctions grand ecran (Ratio retaille pour un affichage 14/9 sur TV 16/9)





WARNING 1ere utilisation !


Placer le contenu du dossier Save dans E:\TDATA and E:\UDATA.

La sauvegarde est appelee babe2009.

(Si vous voulez conserver des reglages issus d'une precedente Beta IGNITE

alors placez votre mameox.ini configure dans e:\tdata\babe2009\system)


Apres un premier lancement de l'emu, faite un "Scan All Your Games" pour valider le classement par genre.




CoinOpS est facile a utiliser et protege. Vous pouvez bloquer des fonctions pour eviter les fausses manips des debutants.



- quand les advanced settings sont caches alors vous cachez aussi

l'ajout ou le retrait de stats du nombre de fois auxquelles un jeu a ete joue,

l'ajout ou le retrait de roms

le rafraichissement des informations de jeu

la reconfiguration des touches par defaut (ingame)

les reconfiguations des touches du jeu et ses reglages : seuls les CHEATS seront montres


Dans la page "basic settings" vous trouverez des options d'interface, la rotation 90° et l'option Autofire.



- Autoriser les "advanced settings" ouvre la boite de Pandore.


Ici vous choisirez les modes video, les options ecran large, la qualite sonore,

les reglages de VM, l'option moniteur vertical, le choix du bouton pour l'autofire.

Ici vous pourrez deverrouiller la fonction de configuration des touches de l'emu.

En pressant les 2 sticks, vous aurez acces a l'edition des dossiers de destination.

(si vous avez defini d'autres dossiers de roms, alors faites un "Scan for all your games")






Pendant le jeu: Clic Stick Gauche=Semiauto (presser TIR pour tirer mais pas de charge)

Click Stick Droit=Full Auto (tire automatiquement, appuyez sur TIR pour charger l'arme)

BACK desactive l'autofire



BUTTONS and FEATURE detail (accessible depuis le menu principal de coinops)


----------------------- IN GAME CONTROLS -----------------------


BACK - Inserer Credit

START - Jouer

BACK and START - Retour a Selection de jeux


A - Button 1 ( Normallement TIR )

B - Button 2 ( Normallement Saut )

X - Button 3

Y - Button 4

Left Trigger - Frein ou rotation d'arme

Right Trigger - Acceleration ou rotation d'arme


BACK and WHITE - Pause et reconfiguration de touches, reglages et CHEATS


Left Thumb Button - Active Semi-Automatic fire

Right Thumb Button - Active Full Auto fire

BACK - Desactive Autofire


----------------------- MENU DE SELECTION DES JEUX -----------------------


WHITE - definir comme Favori/moyen ( les favoris sont valides en jaune )

BLACK - montrer tous les jeux ou seulement les favoris


Gamepad GAUCHE - Retour a categorie precedente

Gamepad DROITE - Sauter a categorie suivante


BACK - Methodes de classement: NAME, By YEAR, By MOST PLAYED.......

X - classe par nom (Name)

Y - classe par Type

B - classe par fabricants

STICK GAUCHE ou DROITE - classe par nombre de fois ( va au plus utilise )


----------------------- CONTROLES AVANCES INGAME -----------------------


BACK + WHITE - Pause et reconfiguration de touches, reglages et CHEATS

BACK + BLACK - Montre le Framerate et la memoire libre

BACK + gachette gauche + gachette droite - Redemarrer le jeu

BACK + Stick DROIT - menu de reglages son + CPU overclock

BACK + gachette DROIT and Stick DROIT - Load Game ( Bug )

BACK + gachette GAUCHE and Stick GAUCHE - Save Game ( Bug )

BACK + Stick GAUCHE - affichage de la visee pour jeu au pistolet

BACK +A + B - Photo d'ecran


----------------------- GAME SELECTION COULEURS -----------------------


"Colorise Your Game Selection" doit etre ACTIVE


BLANC - Stardard

OR - Favori

VERT FONCE - All Time Classic Game

VERT CLAIR - Jeu Adulte

BLEU - Pas de Son

ROUGE - Pistolet supporte





CoinOPS IGNITE est sorti et est le point de depart pour un nouveau travail.

BritneysPairs ne vous oubliera pas si facilement...


Pour l'instant amusez vous bien avec CoinOPS IGNITE.


Veuillez a ne pas reagir en francais, merci.

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Wow it's here! been eagerly following since last year :(


Any chance someone could pm me the link to get this? my PM isnt sending (guessing I need more posts, but i don't want to spam just for that reason).

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Congratulations on the release, BP and all. I've been quietly following this project from the beginning and I'm really anxious to try Ignite out in glorious HD!!!


Thanks for your time and dedicationm everyone. The original Xbox still has a few surprises under the hood.

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