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no offense cba but as usual your completely wrong :) they are not rotated the wrong way at all. And I rotated them to fit them to the screen (also edit them at your peril as you dont know some new features that are going in :) ). Build a pack yourself and release a full build thats up to you I have stated time and time again why the number and so have others. So no offense to anyone I wont be commenting or taking any notice of this stuff again. Please read before you comment guys most of the time the discussion on this stuff was handled long ago and that was when people should have had a say not after the fact.


:) my rant

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Point taken, wasnt having a go. Tried it on CRT 4:3 tv, CRT Widescreen and Widescreen LCD, just to be sure. Maybe its the way i must of set it up with the screenshots i downloaded ! This time i saved all my own screenshots from previous exploits copied them over and theyre all the right way round "FOR ME" now.



Won't release any packs, too many cooks and all that.

I think you'll find if you ask my wife im never wrong !

Sterling work BP.

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Great work and good job bp, can't wait to check this out man!!





Everytime i read you you say the same thing XxHellsFuryxX, :):):) read all your posts !

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I think I am missing some info here...

Pressing BACK button just change the type of view you want:


By name

By year

By manufacturer

and so on...


But when I reach the instance By Category it does not show me the "Sort by type: Category"


It shows Sort by type: Invalid

And I going on the completely wrong path/method?


Thanks Fu.


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