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  1. ripice

    Hey BP...

    There's a problem with Power Instinct 2 in CoinOps R5. When you start the game you can't see the characters. What happened? The game worked well in R4.
  2. You can change it to 720p or to 1080i in xbmc.
  3. Cool! This emu is amazing. But what about Crystal of Kings? Could it run on Xbox? Thanks for everything!
  4. Osman!!!! Please PM please!!! I want to try it and Night Slashers too!
  5. Cool! 720p? I want to try this in my LCD. Can I get it? Battletoads in 720p I can't wait! Can I get it? Thanks stf.
  6. Cool!!! now I can play Heavy Barrel and Time Soldiers. Thanks!!!
  7. My favorites are Terranigma, The Seven Saga, Secret of Mana & Hook.
  8. Nightmare Busters!!! That game is freaking hard!!!! I's like a crossover of Metal Slug and the Lucky Charms cereal dude.
  9. Tiger-Heli has an ending or is endless? I never finished it because the game keep going until is impossible to survive. I'm currently playing Terranigma on ZsnexBox cool game!
  10. This run Osman? Is better than mame 128? Please I want to test it!
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