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CoinOPS IGNITE Released


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ill never worry about resolution as 50percent plus people now have widescreen HD coinage maybe but this is just an old school emulator for console mum and dads nothing more complicated for me..... others want more I just want mum dad and the kids to use it


My eldest lad is only 12 and he says its easy to use. Once ive set up the more advanced options obviously. As far as coinage goes, on his xbox i just set the roms to free play and let em get on with it. Keeps em quiet for hours.

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My daughter loves all the sidescrolling beat-em-ups...she's 6 and has become a big fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. :(


I love the fact that I can fire up the classics from my childhood.....it's awesome. Spy Hunter, Moon Patrol, Mr. Do and Do's Castle, Ms. Pac Man, Donkey Kong etc. It's phenomenal.

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