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  1. please, could someone send me link for the newest release of coinOPS?! THX!
  2. please, could someone send me link for the last version of coinOPS?! THX!
  3. one more stupid question: how to do to get out when a game is running. I´ve trying all buttons and combinations, no success. I wanna change the game but I can´t get out, just reseting the emu.
  4. ok at all, still there are great stuff in these BigAsses. Now I´m looking for disc B, I´m sure I will be blowed away with kof2003. Thanx for replying my doubts man. This forum rule in that way. keep doing the good work!
  5. but I have some doubt questions: Games such, Mortal Kombat, Strider 2, Blood Roar, Street Fighter 2 EX... they are all ok but It´s running very slow, I don´t understand why. So can someone please, tell me why this crap´s happening with such games? There something to do to put them to run in normal speed? Thanx!
  6. Yeah, I did the iso using xISO... it´s running ok, but for some reason it´s not shows me all roms!? I have 293 roms, such zelda, mortal, 007, perfect dark... but there when running the emulator I just can see a few roms. Maybe something goes wrong in the iso creation... I don´t know what hell. Please someone know some help. About I´m not using Evox,... I have child in home where they use the console to play as well, so to secure the system. I´m not using it. Thanx for replying
  7. Sorry, don´t get me wrong... I would like to run the Surreal 64 emulator and roms from a DVD. Once I have no Evox installed in my XBOX, this is the only way I think. I did a iso with Kawa-x, so I will appreciate if I be able to do the same with Surreal 64. So I would like to know if its work and how proceed... it´s just make a xiso... thanx for replying
  8. I got the Surreal 64 emu + 300 roms,... so I would like to put Surreal 64 to run from a DVD. How must I proceed for that it work fine there? it´s just create the iso image like Kawa-X? Please someone with knowledge in this way, help megiving the right path. Thanx!
  9. thanx prican... anyway I prefer to grab an iso with all stuff working, once I not know well about that... I have the Mr.X xbe´s sure it may work fine, but would be nice have all these roms working together in a dvd-r. So if someone can help me, please post it please. you guys rule!!! thanx
  10. hello I´ve used the ciccior patch... seems to be awesome great really!!! Anyway I had burned a DVD-R but some roms has not worked... Maybe some are bad roms, but others such the banned ones are not working even fixing the names. So could someone please, post the full kawa-x ciccior patched iso in the newsgroup? Or so the complete set of roms! THANX!!! keep doing good job guys! Havoc Impaler
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