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  1. i also would like to have a download link. why not using newsgroups as previously?
  2. idd... avalaunch uses microsoft's code which was hidden in the dvd dongle. that's one of the reasons why they cant publish the source code still best option to play dvd's without the need of the remote control
  3. one word about mamedox 1.5b: HEAVEN
  4. PM sent... probably twice (sorry for that)
  5. w00t w00t... happy new year too
  6. a bump for a promising thread... in fact i also would like to beta test
  7. no way jose... its the greatest idea ever... WE WANT the short names !!! why the hell on earth would it cause problems... there's still crc, not? well its too late for a xmas release... but maybe a new year's edition would be really nice
  8. holy crap BritneysPAIRS... you should release already a wip build instead of showing me each time those unbelievable skins i like those renamed rom titles so much @bendermike and all other devs: happy coding
  9. i really hope that pm was sent
  10. First of all... your list of roms is actually bigger than the amount of games i own. So i don't think i can add more to your list. Besides this... i don't know how i could help you further with your project. I have actually a 50mb webspace (unlimited traffic)... in case you need it to release it. It wont be enough, but it could cover a part of the entire release
  11. BritneysPAIRS: is this still WIP?
  12. Tmail isnt a very active member in here, i guess! why not include all games you like?
  13. i really like your idea BritneysPAIRS...
  14. yea... its an agrument i can understand HK$... but i have to admit that a gui like britneysPAIR's screenshot looks so nice. i cant wait for the next MAMEdOX release.
  15. omg britneysPAIRS... this is wonderfull... pro skin makers always know how they have to make something eye-candy! very well done. ill just be patient and wait for this master piece. also congrats to other devs involved in the great mame project (bendermike, hk$ and all others i dont remember)
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