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So are we all still alive in this joint? Seems like no one is really talking here anymore. I guess I'll be moving along. Yeah....... right.


Just felt like giving a shout. How is Inky, LSD, Rob, iq, Gryph and all you folks doing? My life continues to be pestering busy and extremely stressful. I hope you all are saving money for the Holiday season, as we go through this worldwide economic crisis. We got to make sure the kids and everyone have gifts.


I wonder if any you will be willing to post in this thread? I know a lot of you will read these very words and decide not to post. I'll probably wake up tomorrow night and still see my post in the "Last 8 Posts" in the forum index for this thread. Damn, that'll be depressing.


Back to work. :(

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I finally capitulated and realised I had to get off my ass and put some overtime in in work. I'm not in any debt as such but neither can I afford any luxuries.


Aside from that it's been a good couple of weeks for 360 owners and I'm enjoying playing games again for a change. Especially Fallout 3, even if it isn't as good as Oblivion IMO.

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I'm hanging on... lots of tests in school (one next Tuesday) and a project. Plus, I need to start looking into my Bachelor's thesis pretty soon. I loathe that, btw.

Why do you loathe that?

Because I don't have a clue on what my topic of choice would be. At the moment, there are no topics that would hold my interest long enough to get the thesis done (both in terms of getting decent material and having at least a little fun while writing).... get a bad topic and writing is going to be like running in tar.

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