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I hear a pulse!


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So are we all still alive in this joint? Seems like no one is really talking here anymore. I guess I'll be moving along. Yeah....... right.


Just felt like giving a shout. How is Inky, LSD, Rob, iq, Gryph and all you folks doing? My life continues to be pestering busy and extremely stressful. I hope you all are saving money for the Holiday season, as we go through this worldwide economic crisis. We got to make sure the kids and everyone have gifts.


I wonder if any you will be willing to post in this thread? I know a lot of you will read these very words and decide not to post. I'll probably wake up tomorrow night and still see my post in the "Last 8 Posts" in the forum index for this thread. Damn, that'll be depressing.


Back to work. :)



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I've been busy doing nothing, which I'm notorious for. :)


I have been playing the hell out of Mirror's Edge, though. This has got to be one of the best games I've played in a long time.


Details! I'll cry every night until I get to play it :devilboy:.

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