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Strange! It is strange...

I did notice too - It's a RAR divided in 2 parts with a total of 120Mb!



If it is not the stand alone, what it could be?

I just got the first part and I am trying to get the second.

Let's see what happens.





Just saw BP's words ---> Maybe it is the UPDATER released previously... Oh my...

Still downloading to see what is it.

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It's not the FULL standalone putted on rapidshare?

it's 120MB not 17.

Torrent stopped waiting instruction...


In my view there is no "FULL STAND ALONE".


Or there is a "FULL RELEASE", complete, roms, xbe, etc etc with ~4GB or there

is the "STAND ALONE", just the emu's XBE and its directories, nothing else, just ~17MB.


Confused... :)

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It's has a lot of DAT files and it also has the full compliment of screenshots (103MB). In total it extracts to 184MB. I emptied the artwork, samples and screenshots folders and recompressed it. Now it stands at 8.32MB. I'm uploading it to Rapidshare again, will post the link shortly.


Rapidshare wouldn't play nice so I upped it to MegaUpload instead -


*Link removed*

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in older versions of coinops and older versions of mamedox you used to get the dumping driver data and scanning for roms when you first booted up the emu.

i noticed this didnt happen with the new standalone.

is this normal for the new standalone?

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