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  1. Checking to see if the joystick is compatible with Kawa-X and Fba-X. Reason why I ask is because I have two pelican real arcade joystick and it doesn't work with Kawa-X.
  2. The Raiden Series is still one of best arcade shooters to date. All the Raiden from Raiden II, DX, Fighters, Fighters II and Jets are absolutely great in graphics. To answer your question Why it's not emulated. The sprites are encrypted, and apparently very well. The various people who've cracked the Neo Geo, CPS 1 & II,PGM, Sega 8-bit, and other encryptions have all run screaming from it. Only game that you will see it on any console is the playstation the Raiden project and Raiden DX on PS japan import. I hope in the future someone can emulate Saibu Kaihatsu SPI System:
  3. I use both kawa and NRX. Both emulator are good, but comparing both emulator. I would have to choose NRX. The programers that made NRX did a better job. Neorage first started from a DOS format so it did not rely on system resource and uses less memory to run emulation. Games run a lot more smooth and was more compatible with even some slow pentium cpu. Kawa is still a awesome emulator. Look what they did for the xbox.
  4. SNK Playmore is getting to lazy!!! I'm a big SNK fan and own a few classic titles, but ever since Playmore bought SNK rights. Their game got very sloppy. Compare the awesome Metal Slug 1,2,X and 3 to Metal Slug 4 and 5. It seems like a lot of there games are emulated. I haven't seen creativity in there game. A good example is that they killed Samarai Shodwon. Look at Samarai Shodown 0 as an example. One motion super move, what happen to the combo system. What happen to the good old days when programers took there time. I haven't seen KOF2003 yet, but hopefully it changes. Give youir opion!
  5. mslug5nd is up and running. It works with a special hack version of mame. I don't know how to edit this with winhex to work with Kawa-X. Hopefully neoghost can help can edit the file and the default.xbe . Here is the rom file 268-c1d 268-c2d 268-c3d 268-c4d 268-c5d 268-c6d 268-c7d 268-c8d 268-m1d 268-p1d 268-v1 268-v2 268-v3 268-v4
  6. Sagat. Soyokaze. Thanks for the pointer! I Work on it late yesterday night and got it up and running. The only problem I have is in arcade and versus mode. Is still frezzes up when text appears. Only in console mode when you play practice it doesn't freeze. Is there something wrong with my edit in default.xbe for Kawa-X.. Soyokaze where did you find a P1 rom on the PC version that has extra hidden character. I'm trying to also get all the hidden characters. I no this seems to much to ask but could you help fix the frezze in SVC and send a hack default.xbe at nguyen.t@comcast.net Hope you can help...
  7. Sagat. I did everything. I went into winhex and edit the default.xbe and did save/change. I follow the direction and name the file describe on page 3. Nothing works. I also was curious about the m1 file being 256k on page 3 that Soyokaze posted. The one that was with svc is only 128k. How would I double that. Here is the the error message that kawa-X comes up with. Error loading game Press start to return to load screen. Hope you can help because I'm stuck.
  8. Unable to work SVC chaos Plus I'm stuck. I did everything correctly but kawa-X doesn't read the rom. I rename all the file on svc to KOF98. I split the svc_p1.rom using winhex to split it into P1 and P2. The P1 file is 1 meg and P2 file is 5 meg. When I launch Kawa-X it reads the file all the way up to 224-m1.bin.. If someone can assist me it would be very helpful.
  9. I'm trying to get SVCplus on Kawa-X. I also heard that this game uses a new Neo Geo BIOS. All the file are rename to Kof98 except the P1.rom. Need Help splitting the SVC_P1.rom into two file so I can name it 242-p1.bin, 242-p2.bin to complete the rom.
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