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  1. How do I get Samurai Shodown Special working on xbox please? I have Samurai Shodown Special non working sound working on FBxx, and I have the fixed set but it does not work in FB, I really want a kawa-x version if anyone knows where, please let me know / PM me.
  2. NO, I spent most of today renaming my roms for Kawax plus, can someone please email me a kawaxplus xbe with SSV added, ps I already have CTHD and ms4 patched also!! Come on guys stop changing the rom names
  3. Can someone help me with SvC, I have done everything thats recommended and it fails at the p1 ever time. I have tried loads of p1's and split them using x2 hex editors but still the same thing, ROTD I have got working so does that mean my hacked def.xbe..is ok as I am using the same one for Svc Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp
  4. I have done all to get SVC working, hex-edited the normal kawaks and renamed roms to to match the s1945 rom and created a p1 and 2 using hex editor and it freezes on the 1 meg p1???? I used the same princaple on ROTD and that worked ahhhhh. Can any one help me please!!! PM me if you have it working and can send.
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