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The first time you got...

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Never smoked cause of my asthma, never drank cause most alcoholic beverages just don't taste good to me. Don't really have anything against smoking or drinking, though, as long as it's done within reason and doesn't put me in any danger.

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never drank cause most alcoholic beverages just don't taste good to me.

You don't just start liking alcohol like any other sort of non-alcoholic drink. You develop a taste and flavor to it. Start off slow and steady with mix drinks (More of flavor, little less alcohol), then work your way from there but changing the amounts.

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Also, never combine alcohol with drugs. That is a very very bad idea. And if you do want to start doing drugs, stay away from dusts and pills and anything that involves a syringe. Those will fvck you up badly. I myself just stick to weed and shrooms nowadays. It's safe and fun.


Also cigarettes are worse than weed. They're really no good to you, and don't provide any satisfaction. I'm already addicted to them just from smoking 2 years. Ended up smoking 3 packs a day, managed to cut down to 1.


Just to paraphrase Belthasar. Find your limit and document yourself. Moderation is the key.

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Winners don't do drugs or alcohol. Self control is in key in life. Use it and you will be the master of your domain.


Otherwise, you're just like every other sheep that has to try everything until they eventually die an early death or live a life of failure and stupidity.


Other than that, personally ... I don't really care if you drink, smoke, or do drugs. It's your life, not mine. :shootem:

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Lets see, the fist time I smoked weed, I was 15, and my friend and I picked up a couple of strange kids who were looking for a place to smoke and I told them to come to my house cause my mom wouldn't mind. We were out on my trampoline and my mom came out, and I asked if I could smoke, and she said yeah. I obviously didn't know how, so she told me. I didn't get high, but my headache went away.


The first time I drank, I stole my sisters vodka and drank shots with few of my friends. I remember this guy trying to feel me up but my friend and I stopped him before he could do anything.



The first time I smoked a cigarette I was maybe 11? My sister made me take a hit off of one. She was smoking Kools. Ugh, I hacked and coughed forever.

I also kind of started smoking with cloves. I hate them now.



The first time I did coke, I was 17, but I didn't do enough to do anything but get that nasty drip. After we did it we end up getting chased by cops for trespassing, but we didn't get caught. A lot of the skater kids around here are avid coke users.

I also did adderall. Ugh... The first time I did it, I felt amazing. I was at school. I did all my work mad fast, drew a lot of crazy ass drawings, and I wrote ridiculously long notes to people. I also lost a lot of weight, and sleep as well, not to mention, my appetite. At one point I did 95mg. My sister takes 20mg, and is fine. She asked me how I didn't die.



Well, now I don't do anything anymore, aside from cigarettes, and occasional, sip, of alcohol. I hate weed now, and I despise the taste and smell of all alcohol. :shootem:

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I cannot drink any alcohol, the smell of it is so bad... any alcoholic drink smells like some rotten drunkard. I could not even think of what it must taste like. ughhh!


Smoke of any kind will send me on an allergy-related coughing fit, so no cigs or anything for me. My nose is extremely sensitive to cig smoke, I cannot stand any smoker being within 10 metres of me - even if they've finished the cigarette. The stench of their clothes is bad enough.


Needless to say, no drugs for me - don't need my mind being messed up. Simply cannot see the point of it.


Yeah, not a very exciting person. Live with it. :shootem:

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the first time i got drunk was a near death experience. i almost died right there. i went to this party and this motherflocka wanted to play a game of shots. i was young so i didnt know what i was doing. we both got drunk out of our minds and i was throwing up all over the place. nobody won but i got to hang out with the hottest chick in school. it was one of the greatest day in my life.


i didnt have a car but i did have a bike and i maybe fell off about twenty times. until finally i fell at an intersection. a car ran over the tire on my bike and sped off. i had to walk home and i felt like crap.


i later found out i dreamed that i was with the pretty girl. damn booz i swear it can kill ya.

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First time I smoked weed I got high.

First time I drank beer I had another and kept getting more until I got drunk.

First time I smoked a cigarette... nothing happened, really.


I wouldn't smoke weed again since its just not my thing.

I enjoy drinking liquor socially and as long as drunk is what everyone intends to get.

And I'll never smoke a cigarette again since I felt disgusting afterwards and smelled terrible until I took a shower.

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