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The first time you got...

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What happened the first time you got high! Or drunk! Or simply smoked a cigarette! If you haven't done anything that plays with your head, write about whether you feel it a good thing, or regret that you've never tried anything before.


I have never smoked,drank,or gotten high, the possibility is still there, and I feel both regret and strength in knowing I have never done any of that.

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The first time I got drunk, I passed out and woke up on the couch the next morning with vomit all down the front of my shirt, and an empty bottle of E&J on top of my tv with the words "K.O. of the week." The first time I smoked weed, I didn't get high. The first time I got high, I just stood there grinning. The first time I smoked a cigarette I thought I was cool, but I really wasn't. I have since quit cigarettes and feel much better for it.

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Oh... I have stories... but not so many pertaining to "first time"


Except perhaps my first tine getting drunk. I was 17 and living on my own. My boss was mid 40`s and he invited me to a party. Well... I drank way too much. I remember being silly or what not, I am apearently a plesant guy when drunk. I remember emberassing myself trying to talk to this girl. The party itself was fine... but the ride back... we had to pull over. Since I had to open the restaraunt in the morning, I slept at my bosses house on an inflateable raft... those used in pools... lol. Even though I didnt puke at his house, it was a genius idea.


Anyway, the next day was absolute HELL!!!!! Drinking WILL dehidrate you. This is what causes hang over. Dude... hell on earth... my first and only hang-over. Sure I still drink, but I no longer get hangovers. I puked like 4 times before we opened. I was so flocked, I had to catch a nap on boxes in the back... being woken up by my boss, (in a german accent) "Will, wake up I need you!" Here I am, smashed, cooking burgers for hundreds of people on a sunday at the foodcourt at the mall... did I say restaraunt??? Oh well.


When you do drink... drink slowly... at least after the first drink... and yea, never drink on an empty stomache. I suggest anything except fruit and vegtables... lol


Do not drink to get drunk. Drink moderately & find your limit. Mine is when moving your head has a slight trail effect. You need not drink more.


Cigarettes suck. I now smoke a pack a day, and wish I never started. It is best never starting. This may sound backwards... but out of the 3... Id say stay away from cigarettes. They are the hardest to quit!

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