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Comedian George Carlin is dead at 71


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Via TMZ:

The 71-year-old Carlin died around 6:00 PM PT this evening at an L.A. hospital after being admitted earlier in the afternoon for chest pains.


so sad, he gave us many years of comedy and insight.

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RIP George. What a great comedian. ;)











Edit: Howzabout we disable the language filter for a day or two in his honor, eh?

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Its funny, Usually I could give a rats ass about a dead celebrity but...this man was so...interesting...and honest. when I was younger my parents would let me stay up as late as I wanted. I watched all the shows man. "Red shoe diarys" "Love street" anything on skinnamax. but if George carlon was on HBO...I dropped everything...


hey man I turned down watching T&A because of this chap. I am going to drink/smoke in his Honor today. were going to miss you George...

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