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  1. It’s happening every day for me at various times. Is Miskie still in charge of the server?
  2. Ok I just tried it again and sure enough after a few minutes it happened again. This is the only site that it happens on and I managed to get a screenshot. UPDATED* I downloaded another spyware program called Adwcleaner. Its part of the malware bytes family and this one found a few things so I hope that has fixed my issue. Stay safe and clean folks! ')
  3. I run malware bytes and windows defender every few days and they always come back clean. I have had it happen twice in the last 10 days and both times whilst browsing this site. I click on view new posts and open a post (usually about the latest releases or mame) then after a few seconds it occurred. I do visit here daily and it doesn't happen all the time so it's strange. If there is anything on here then I'm sure Miskie would find it if he is still hosting it of course.
  4. A couple of times now when visiting this site using Firefox I have had a browser hijacker redirect to a ransomware site. It's says that my computer is locked and I have to ring a toll free number to unlock it (with an man audibly saying it too). There is a password box on the screen and the window won't close so I have to do a forced shutdown of my browser to get rid of it. Anyone else seen this?
  5. Shes not been on facebook since April either. I hope shes is ok.
  6. Superman

    The end of MESSUI

    I guess mame really is dead now.
  7. I can only see the people in my friends list who have liked it (currently 7 ) and not the other 187.
  8. My guess would be Amiga Amstrad and Atari ST.
  9. I did it. It took 4 hours on my 5 year old Sony Viao windows 7 laptop but it works fine with no issues at all.
  10. What's JR's finishing move? The Oklahoma shuffle? The slobber knocker? 😄
  11. Megaupload has resurfaced as MEGA and is the only filesharing site that gives me decent download speeds other than torrents. The rest are all throttled down unless you pay.
  12. Yeah enjoy your turkey. I'll enjoy mine on Christmas Day.
  13. It runs a but juddery with sound for me but its not bad for a browser based emulator. There are some console web based emulators also : There are plenty of sites like this btw Genesis/Megadrive http://www.ssega.com/ SNES http://www.snesfun.com/ NES http://www.8bbit.com/ GBA http://www.gbafun.com/ SMS/Game Gear http://www.retrosega.com/ XLAtari http://www.xlatari.com/ MSX http://www.jamsx.com/ TurboGRAFX 16 http://www.tgx16.com/
  14. A@H still has its regulars but isn't the same site it was a few years ago. Only a few posts a day now in the off topic so its pretty quiet.
  15. His profile has an email address but it might not be current. http://www.1emulation.com/forums/user/26-mag/
  16. He has closed it down before and always came back eventually.
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