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  1. Sorry mods for the linkinking. I wasnt thinkinking about it when I made the post. if anyone wants it I am willing to help you get it through Pm and such.
  2. Hey there guys. in my eternal struggle to play any and every fighter in existence I bring you cats Akatsuki! this game os very flocking fun. its up there with MVC2 and melty blood. if you want more intel on the game heres a wiki for ya! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akatsuki_Blitzkampf here are the links 1º (98.00 MB)- -Link removed. Read the board rules.- 2º (98.00 MB)- -Link removed. Read the board rules.- 3º (98.00 MB)- -Link removed. Read the board rules.- 4º (11.25 MB)- -Link removed. Read the board rules.- its a pretty fast download and install so you guys enjoy and lemme know what you think! happy brawlin! Mod edit: You should know better than to start linking to commercial games.
  3. I recently got my 360 modedd and its been fun playing gow2 and Ninja gaiden for the lst couple of days but now Im just curious as to what else it can do. I had a original modedd xbox back in the day and it had several dashboards and what not and I wanna know if thats kinda how it is now with flashed 360? is there an avalaunch for 360 or even EvolutionX? also since it will be a while before I have dual layer dvd burner. is there a way to save games to my hdd? just seems like a waste having it and not playing with it lol.
  4. Same here pretty much in Union city, CA. very fast and friendly and HELL OF HOT CHICKS! ahem...but yeah I voted.
  5. Nope, it isn't. The world, as visually impressive as it is, is mostly filled with boring, unmemorable and emotionless characters. I am OK with the fact it's an FPSRPG, I'm OK with the fact you can't kill kids (there are morals about that), I'm OK with the fact the AI is gimped and that it game is really just Oblivion with guns, I'm NOT OK with them adding their brand of witless, uninspiring and for intent and purpose, "Bethesda" humor. It's terrible writing. The game, as a whole, is enjoyable, but if your coming in and hoping that it's a successor to Fallout 1 and 2, you'll end up being several disappointed. You'd think with it's freeform sandbox gameplay it would hold true to the original Fallouts, but terrible writing hold it all back. Just plain laziness on Bethesda's part to make a complete game with all the bells and whistles of the originals. I do give props to the Inon Zur, most of the music is good. We just need the god damn SDK to come out so people like me can completely flock up the world. If what you say is true my only playing it for a few hours kinda pisses me off. I was expecting it to be very much like the original. I will still buy ot but maybe I will wait till its around 40 bucks. I loved the older games and liked watching my friends play the pen and paper versions of it. guess I will get guitar hero this week than:P
  6. yes its like oblivion but the world of fallout is really the only reason Im buying this game. the world is so...flocked up and you dont know who you can trust. the atmosphere for this gamke is just too good. I would say goto your local gamestop and pick it up used. if you dont like it you can take it back within 7 days. or you can goto blockbuster ^^ but do play this game!
  7. I love and hate the genre really but lately Ive been trying to stay away from them. I like being able to complete a game with a story and most mmos have some really shotty stories save for EQ and WOW
  8. Heavy metal fakk 2 Not as good as the original but it had its moments. lots of nudity though:P
  9. thats awsome! so is the installing games option only for those with modded 360s or is this an option we all get now? also can anyone confirm being able to save videos and mp3s to your 360 hdd now with this update?
  10. Currently watching xxxholic, murder princess and the new macross anime. One piece is the crap but I wont watch until after chrismas.
  11. happy halloween peoples! I wont be leaving for the party for like another 3 hours but I have already started drinkin!!! whoohoo!!!!
  12. Damn I havent played this in years. was an interesting horror/hentai game to say the least. crap I wish I had the balls to mod my 360.
  13. I am going to be putting sometime into this new story that I will be postin gon my blog every few days. but I was wondering about maybe finding an artist who wouldnt mind doing a few designs for me. I use to draw but stopped after highschool because my passion was more so telling the story of the character...I guess what I am saying is if anyone wants to maybe do a few concept sketches or some fan art it would help me alot. and its a fun little project to be working on aswell(I have so many lol) you of course would get credit for your work since you did it and your name will gets its recognition. so yeah hit me if anyones interested!
  14. Updated my blog again. I like to create stories so I hope you guys enjoy it if you do check it out.
  15. It did kind of jump the shark this season. though episode 6 was I think a little better. I will watch till its finished or cancelled eitherway lol. I only wanna know what happens to clair and sylar. everyone else is useless.
  16. “The magistrate will be very unhappy about this...turn of events... surely you don’t have anymore...ah merchandise for me Docket?” The crooked looking merchant ground his yellow tar stained teeth at the envoy with mocking malice. “I told yer we don’t usually get that Kind of Cargo! It’s considered a crime to harbor that kind of thing here! You tell yer magistrate he can find his own damned women! We’re merchants dammit! Not slavers or pimps!” The envoy fumed but to this he could do nothing. This was very last minute and, the ugly merchant was right. The law forbids the trafficking of slaves on this continent. Annyya was governed a lot differently than from the dark continent so far to the east. “Right well thank you anyway. I suppose . . . if you should hear A..” The man gave him a scowl and with that Jahi bid him farewell. “Well this is just choice! He told me to find him an attractive exotic looking girl . . . the magistrate is not making this easy.” “You’re looking for a women love?” Alarmed jahi turned around (with his hand at his sword belt) who are you? "He said" well now handsome . . . all ready to hurt me with your swift and strong sword huh? Most people see a beautiful woman and . . . well they say things like" oh my! Miss would you like a drink?" or something of that lot. "Jahi's jaw dropped at how entrancing this woman was. Mostly due to the etire she was wearing. A plain brown shirts that did nothing to hide her chest at all. Black tight trousers that looked glued to her skin and the most awkward looking piece of apparel . . . a very fancy looking red hat with a long white feather protruding from the top." You can stop staring now . . . I gave you a good couple of seconds to take it all in. "Jai straightened himself out and took the young ladies hand in his" I am truly sorry miss! My manners left me when I saw . . . well you. Forgive? "Jai kissed her hand gently, practically grinning because of his unexpected luck!" So you know that my master wishes for some company than . . . Im not sure if you understand he’s not looking to have much of a conversation . . . ahem. "He hoped she read between the lines little on that exchange" Mister envoy . . . do I look like a little naive girl to you?" the young women smiled. "It’s a warm bed, food and drink for the night yes? I think I’ve done more for less in the past . . . where do I sign hmm? "Stunned Jai gave her all info she needed to make it to the magistrates new keep.” Well than we will see you around this evening? Maybe in a couple of hours? The magistrate will be so pleased that you accepted his . . . invitation miss . . . ah I did not catch your name! "The women with the red hat smiled a devilish smile and looked at Jai with her carefree yet very entrancing light blue eyes" my name is . . . Akiha. And you can tell your magistrate if he wants an early jump at my affection my he will do me a small favor. I simply cannot entertain in these tattered clothes! Maybe he can find me an outfit that him . . . and I might agree on perhaps? "Jai of course knew what she was getting at. He heard stories of how these forigeners from the other continent acted . . . the new magistrate and this woman were no exception" yes miss I understand . . . tell me though . . . any preferences I need to know about? "She smiled an even brighter smile this time at the envoy" the color red. it really love the color "Red" and with that Jai nodded and was on his way to prepare everything in order this evening. He is gone young one. You can relax now. akiha let out a sign and her entire demeanor changed. Master "Ifrit. Are you sure that this is the same magistrate we are looking for? Akiha is . . . becoming very . . . bothered to say the least . . . and you said that as long as I was here I wouldn’t have to do anything but say a few words? So far you have me signed up as a whore for some dirty old noble! He’s not old at all he’s maybe the same age as you give or take a year and as for dirty he was awarded the honor of a knight at the age of 14. rapidly going through the ranks like no commoner has ever done. By the time he could drink he was a fully awarded captain with honors to cross from here to the dorkrah coast. The man is far from some dirty old man." "Right" she said. “but you still have me lined up as a prostitute! That fact sir is still very much very clear!” Akiha doesn’t like it either! She’s becoming . . . angry . . . its very hot and dark and I do not like it my lord! " ifitt made the best sighing sound he could inside of someone’s head before speaking. "That is what we want girl! If things go right neither of you will have to sleep with anyone and the bastard will be good and dead before the end of the night! We need to send a message back home and start the game! She nodded reluctantly and sighed. She knew that she had no control over this anyway. She could feel Akiha inside sad at how she was feeling. And also very very angry. We were close and while I did not know what their intentions were. The voice of Ifrit and the girl named Akiha were both very anticus to meet this magistrate. And here I was. Stuck in the middle.
  17. Your night seems to be my morning so let's make sure the timing But i seen you online during my night time so i guess you are an early gamer Yeah I have some crazy hours so I think we will be ok lol. Im off of work right now so all I did is hang out with friends, play SC4 and geometry wars all day...I need a new girlfriend it seems...lol jk but yea I will hit you up if your on.
  18. Hell yes! Ive been looking forward to this one. though I should finish tales...whatever the more games the better yes? lol
  19. I will be buying vader on friday(I can get the points at a discount from gamestop) I will still be playing all night so if anyones down just hit me^^ also down to play other games like bomberman and such.
  20. Onlive playing some ranked and player matches and looking to meet some of the members who play here on the board! looking to waste a few hours kickin each others asses? I thought so too! lets check out some of our created characters and have a few l^^ Gamer tag: Kohara Amano for those who dont have it.
  21. Awsome! L.S.D I will totally send you an invite for a few rounds in SC tonight. Id be on now but Im still trying to beat a friends score in geometry wars 2...the bastard!
  22. yeah I was bored the first few days but I am such a tool when it comes to sf I guess I didnt mind. lol looking forward to the full release though.
  23. I cant wait for the new street fighter HD remix..."drools" and they released the dlc for Vader already? the hell have I been doing?
  24. Castle crashers is a good one and also Samurai showdown isnt bad. umm I also think Geometry wars 1 and 2 are good to pick up.
  25. no COD4 but hell just about every other game Im down for. I need some regulars to play Samurai showdown 2, SC4 and Street fighter onlive:P oh yeah can you add my name aswell bambi?
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