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Retro Duo NES & SNES

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Have you been dying to play your old NES or Super Nintendo games once again? Perhaps you can't find your system, maybe you have the system, but need all the cables to hook it up, or maybe you are just sick and tired of the old thing never working properly?! With this brand new, top-loading system, you can play all of your favorite Nintendo AND Super Nintendo games once again on the same console, and the best part is, they will work every time!


Introducing the Retro Duo NES & SNES





- Compatible with SNES and NES Video Game

- Saves Space

- Reinforced Cartridge Doors

- Slide-proof Bottom Support

- Compatible with Most Japanese Titles

- Compatible with Original 16-bit controllers

- Sleeker Design

- Lighter in Weight

- Power Switch Button V2.0 (8-bit, Off, 16-bit)

- S-Video Connection Capability

- Air Through Vent to Prevent Overheating

- Dual Controller Ports

- Dual Game Slots

- 5V AC Adapter for Energy-Efficiency



OMG it looks so retro. I am getting me one of these and will let you all know how it works.


Read More HERE

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They had a few of these at Game X Change up in Little Rock... I was more interested in Dreamcast stuff the last time I went up, so I didn't bother. Recently, I've found myself playing a lot of Super NES games, so I wish I would've nabbed one. I can't get enough of Super Mario World right now (I never played beyond 5 minutes of game-play up until a couple days ago).

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So this is what happens when patents (right?) expire ......

It didn't expire, and there were other NES/SNES clones before.

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sounds awesome! ill have to buy that! im in the console buying mood, i just recently got my jaguar cd and famicom disk system finally and a good amount of money later. i see alot of yobo consoles at play n trade and retro duo type machines but i know some are not of good quality and compatability. i saw one last week that plays genesis and nes games but no super nes. lol


Ill have to test one of those out!

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