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  1. One of you looks like Niko Bellic
  2. Ok got the net going on it so now is there any way of downloading free games lol without those damn Wii Points. Yes. It is illegal. And you run the risk of bricking your Wii. But it is possible using many of the hacks, homebrew channel...
  3. Sidewinder gamepad > GBA, NES, GB, GBC, SMS, GEN and TG16. Airflo gamepad> SNES, PSX, N64 The buttons on the sidewinder are really nice, same with the digital pad. But it only has 6 buttons so I have to use the other for the rest.
  4. Does they monitor you use matter though? (refresh, res, max colors) I'm not sure how a lightgun works.
  5. Most emulators will not take any advantage of multiple core processors, that I know of. But my knowledge of emus is quite limited. The emu still has many graphic and instruction glitches so even a super pc will still have troubles.
  6. Besides snes pads feel so nice to the hand
  7. I agree on both counts. The 360 pad stinks, and for the VC I rather use the wiimote than a GC controller for nes games.
  8. I can say that Shenmue is the best... but I don't play it as often as Ikaruga. I love shmups on the DC.
  9. Yeah I have a ps2 and snes adapter that I made that go in that port. I don't use them anymore
  10. I use it only on my work computer since firefox is not allowed
  11. That's why I don't have an xbox360. I would have to ship it to the US to get it fixed. FAIL.
  12. Wiiware please? It would be nice to see it there too. I wonder what happened to that Wii game with a bunch of shooters?
  13. Why don't they just make a 2.5D Sonic, no pals, no powers, just regular Sonic at high speed. It would sell. I love Sonic. I have every game made, except for unleashed and the xbox one, so I know what people loved about Sonic.
  14. I'm not very fond of Narusegawa for that reason. Motoko Ayoyama is where the fun is at. I've seen more relationships like Naru and Kei than mushy relationships IRL.
  15. I don't like harem shows either. Some of them are kinda cool but I really dislike that part about the show, even more when most of these shows have to do with girls instead of women, which in my book is *puke*
  16. Animal Crossing DS is quite glitchy on emus since it uses quite a bit of 3D graphics.
  17. The Mickey Mouse games for the Genesis were kinda cool.
  18. I wouldn't buy any of the 3. But from reviews I've read I would say GoW2.
  19. "The first rule of Roms is - you do not talk about Roms!"
  20. You forgot Phantasy Star 2 in the RPG part, it's much better than part 3.
  21. You want all that with one adapter or one adapter per controller? I know there are multiple controller adapters, any normal game cube adapter should do the trick for the wave bird.
  22. The only thing I like about Vista is that I don't have to log in as admin to fix things on those pcs. I can just use my password when it asks for a install or mod. According to Microsoft if you have a Windows Vista you can downgrade to XP you just have to ask them for a key, you have to provide the media though. So tell your laptop friend to call MS and get XP for free. XP is your best bet right now. Linux rocks but there are so many applications I can't replace with at work, I have no choice
  23. No Wii roms that I know of. You can burn copies of your games, but from what I read there are some slow reads and errors. I think you can play japanese backups but same problem, slow and glitchy.
  24. We should get more involved in emulation development. I know how to code but I never tried emulation.
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