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Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Super Heroes

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Ok sure I already hated this game before I saw footage. But damned if I wasnt right... garbage. And the worst thing??? Batman would NEVER throw attacks that lame. Batman is a badass. Why the hell would he throw those silly looking forearm attacks. The man is sleek. Much unlike this adaptation. The moves for MK have always looked retarded. Like they had corncobs up the rear. I cant put my finger on it, as I believe there are too many horrible things about MK games... but I don't even want to see this game with my own eyes. Sure I'm hating on it. And sure you don't need to hear my input... but ca-mon.... really...



Oh yea... flash doesn't move right either....

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it's just more of the same. I like the stripped down basic moves though, I didn't like the multiple fighting styles of the last few games. I still hate the block button with all my soul. and I still hate how when you hit someone with a jump kick you freeze in mid air for a moment. but its been like that since the original MK. over all it's at the bottom of the barrel of 360 fighters IMO.

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Which is a darn shame!

FIghters is what brought most of us over to the gaming world!

First game was the first SF! Second, Fatal Fury!

3rd....Mario Bros!

Most of our fav childhood memories were through playing fighters as kids!

I still play mvc1 and of course.....Project justice!

Sadly. the "marble" buttons 360 has kinda messes it up for fighters/ mashers.

Ps3 on the other hand, has nearly;y the prefect pad for fighters!


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