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Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Super Heroes

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they already edited the fatality for Joker that we all seen before to get a T rating... it all goes down hill now.

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compared to soul caliber IV ,tekken 6 , and virtua fighter this game will probably be mediocre just another passing memory on its way to the bargin bin of obscurity. seriously who has time/money to spend on mk vs dc when theres so many other better fighting games. the game engine does seem outdated it seems like midway needs fresh talent not the same rehash of moves and animations from 1999. every character has the same blocky movements thats not style thats just broken.


on the + side we finally get a decent fighting game with dc characters on the - side it plays like lego men on roids

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can they friggin make a patch after this game out where they allow all M rating stuff?

THAT would be the only reason why i would buy it....

SO once i heard the gore reduction, im afraid i lost all faith in it.

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