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how many times do you wang it a week?

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i dont think ill ever stop wanging. ive been wanging since i was a little guy and the pleasure i bring to myself not only brings me my sanity but my infamy with the ladies. you know what they say, wanging before sex helps you go wayyy longa. its true.


i wang it about 5 times a week. i like doing it in the shower, free willy all the way baby yeah. i dont know how you guys wang it on the toilet. i never understood it. i try not to wang it to porno cause that only ruins my limbido with the ladies in bed. i got the pictures of these sick porno women popping in my head and it doesnt let me focus and do my job, know what im sayin?


how many times do you guys wang it a week? you guys wang it to playboy or hardcore porno? its okay if you wang it to playgirl, i got no problem wit that (just not my thing). i use to have a yearly subcription to playboy back in the days before i had internet.


i just dont understand how you guys can wang it to other guys sticking their dong in the woman. i just cant stand that. thats why if i look at porno, i stick with lesbians. i dont want to see some other guys dong. plus if his is bigger than mine, ill lose my mind.


its good to be back in this place. im going to need your help to buy me an aracde cabinet soon.

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