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What Movie Did you Just Watch?


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the chick in [rec] is alot hotter then the chick in quarentine too.


Yeah she's better looking. I never thought that girl was attractive. She plays on the show "Dexter" (one of my favs) as his sister. She's an ok actress but not that pretty.

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It was skateboarding documentarys for me today.

dogtown and z-boys


the real story of "the lords of dogtown" a group of 12 guys from south santa monica that basically changes skating from a kids toy to what it is today.

Rising Son, The legend of Christian Hosoi


Hosoi was the man in the 80's, later falling into heavy meth addiction and spent a few years behind bars for possession with intent to distribute, he is now out and a born again christian.

Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator


Mark `Gator' Ragowski was another top dog vert skater in the 80's his story is prolly the most interesting of the bunch. ending in the murder of his girlfriend's friend. he is still in prison.


the only one I did not watch today was "the man who souled the world" (seen it before) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0924461/ the story of steve rocco, they guy who changed skateboarding from huge corporations to smaller skater owned companies. anyone interested in skateboarding, the 80's, or southern california youth culture would do well to watch any of the above. all of them show how a young kid with fame and money will almost inevitably end up on the wrong path.

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Just watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine.


Not bad, but the story do feel rushed. I hate how they depict Wade/Deadpool despite some nice jokes from his line, like how they show the Blob and Gambit, and Sabretooth is way better than the one in X-Men 1.


I just hope they put more meat into the storyline. Jackman is logan/Wolverine, no one can pull it off as good as him anymore :blink:

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Dragon Ball: Evolution


I just finished watching this movie, the movie is actually very bland. It uses way too many cliches and the movie overall was completely predictable.


It didn't anger me that the movie's storyline didn't correspond at all with the original plot, I watched the movie expecting it to go off on a complete tangent. They presented Piccolo to be way more sinister than he actually is, of course everyone's attire was off, the Oozaru was misrepresented. The Oozaru cannot be disabled by emotions, it can either be stopped by the cut of the tail, or the absence of the moon.


The Oozaru was also very small and was a small disappointment, none of the characters followed their manga sources, the High School moments were extremely generic. It reminded me of Goku Jr. from the DBGT special, or some type of karate movie. All in all, the movie didn't make me as angry as I thought it would. On it's own merits, the movie is a mediocre waste of time, and if watched while disregarding DB altogether, it can be laughably horrible.

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40 year old virgin and 50 first dates was on USA today so I had to watch em.

currently I am watching lost season 2, I'll never get caught up on that series.

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Death of a ghost hunter

low budget, bad actors, cheese dialog. BUT the story was there, had some creepy moments. to bad when an interesting story gets flocked up with bad acting and crappy sound.

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