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yes because he think he is the only one who can dump...

but many people and I tried the v rom and this isn't fakes.


now the cx and px roms are missing but it'll be done soon and Billy Jr could keep his rom.

Hey check again in NeoGamez!! There are P1a, P1b, S1,M1,V1-V4

And yes can you check the new V files? beacuse the date of the rom is very strange [05/05/2003]. and 1 more question: With what you check the V files? I'm using V2Wav but the result is no sound [maybe i'm wrong in typing the command file :D ]


HOT DAMN NEWS!! looks into SNKPLAYMORE KOF2K3 official website!!!

New GAROU Team!!!: Terry [Garou MOTW version], Joe Higashi and Tizoc!!!

At Last....my dream come true...Garou MOTW in KOF Saga!!!

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What about the ones that are floating around on eMule?

Those are most likely FAKES. I wouldn't download those if I were you because they can have viruses in them. I bet there are also some flying around in Kazaa as well. So watch out, and I recommend you searching when someone says the rom is actually fully dumped. ;)

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