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Well basic guidelines are :


1. Win around 6 rounds with a special move. (that means a move that requires a command input like qcf+p)

2. You cannot lose a single round up to shin akuma or serious mr karate.

3. You have to win at least one round with block damage (preferably with a special move)

i see, well it's a lot harder than fighting athena.


but anyway, thanks a lot. :angry:

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i use the NRX egcg emulator, and svc chaos(whether its PLUS or not i have no clue) and i can run it, but i have a few errors,1st the sound is a little messed up, i can hear the background music but no sound affects like the hits or "HADOKEN".anybody know how to fix this(BTW i got the rom from here, http://perso.wanadoo.fr/x-underground/top.htm, plus many other helpful things, the username is x-underground and the password is unblacklistme).If anybody can tell me wtf is wrong with the sound PM me or post, thanx

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Try renaming the files as follows:



269-c1.rom (name like this for all the c's)



269-v1.rom (name like this for all the v's)


so basically, just name every file beginning with "269-" and then the respective m1,s1,p1,v1 or whatever. Then.rom to end it.

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Im really sorry for asking this, but im kind of a noob to setting up these kinds of roms and stuff.. so if anyone could walk me through this? I dled kawaks 1.46, and also the MAME one that was on this thread back around page 13-15. I dunno if maybe the rom doesnt come with the emulator, or if i have to dl the rom seperately, but it seems like even after u do that, u have to set up some other stuff? lol i dont get it.. so yeah.. ne feedback is appreciated.. i just want to play some svc.. =(




Scratch that.. umm.. i dled the rom and the kawaks link on page like 94, the link is http://rgdc.webhop.biz/. Any help on what i can do from here? When i try to open the svc rom it says password protected, argh.. i just need help with this in general.. =(

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It is now time to close this thread since it has been long enough since the game was released. So please just make seperate topics if you couldn't find your answer in this thread and always use the search feature located @ This Link! :P

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