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I also agree...selling roms is extremely ILLEGAL and can face serious penalties.

Also if the owner doeesn't even own the rom itself.




Anyways we have updated the links for sVc Chaos!



And also thanks to Weirdanzeige, we have gotten information and a link to the new Cheats DAT File For it!!




I also have just found the NeW Kawaks v1.46 Loader:


Download It Here




Enjoy Folks and don't forget to get the eXclusive Kawaks Emulator in the First Link! :)

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i'm having problems on detecting the rom. do i have to do something special to make it appear? i put the rom into the roms folder and it doesn't get noticed. :)


EDIT: great site, a friend of mine recommended me this site. :D

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To me it seems you don't have a mod'd version of Kawaks. The one I have TESTED myself to work best is the v1.45 version. I have not the 1.46 version.


You can get the v1.45 version (which has been refixed not too long ago to work perfect) @ http://svckawaks.cjb.net ! You don't even need to add a DAT file or anything. Just stick the rom in the folder and do a Rescan and load the game! Makesure all systems are checked as well even though it's on the Neogeo system. :)

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i downloaded this flashget file.. it has these links in it:


- link removed- etc....


its about 10 rars.. bout.. 42 megs total...

only thing is that its pasworded!!!


i open it and look in the rom folder and it says that it has svc chaos in the folder already!

Wait a second..what are you trying to download for that link?


Fixed Kawaks or the sVc Chaos Rom? :)

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