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Happy Halloween from 1Emulation!

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We hope all you adults or children have a spectacular Halloween. Grab as much candy as you can from all the little babies running around. Also, make sure to wear an awesome costume and take a picture of yourself in our post a picture thread.


Oh and, be careful for robbers. Look in that peep hole and be certain that the person behind your door is below 5 feet. Otherwise, the person will not only take all your candy, but all your video games too!


If you're going to any Halloween parties, dress like Fonzi. The girls love it! :thumbsdown:




Have a fun and safe time. :blink:

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Gonna take my little one out get some candy tonight. I have to make sure to check it before He can eat it.


HEHE Taste Check too lol

LMAO!! :thumbsdown::blink:


Kids are awesome.

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I have to make sure to keep my lights off so no one knocks on my door and disturbs me.

What happened to the "ingor them and they'll go away." The good old days :thumbsdown:


Never celebrated Halloween, but ive always wanted to dress up as Tingle just becuase i want to be a fairy (not in a gay way :blink: ).

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Happy Halloween! I will enjoy the spoils after this holiday aka discounted candy.

If I wasn't sick today, I totally would have come to your place to claim my 50 lemon starburst. :thumbsdown:


Anyway, I played Necronomicon for PSX on my PSP last night and listened to IGN's Scariest Moments in Gaming podcast, and today I played Dementium: The Ward for DS.

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