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What do you want a sequel of?


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Ok, I posted a thread for Bionic Commando, that was one of the titles that I always wanted remade. It was great news to me. But then it made me think of the other title that I wanted on our new systems.


And that would be




I mean ca-mon, that SEGA version was crap, horrible music, Un-inspired levels. ICK!


The OG Blaster Master was very challenging. Hell, I finally beat it like five years ago. I have remixes of the music from O.C. Remix and find myself humming or whistling them at work. So yea, the music was great, but the game itself was awesome. Sure it wasn't sooo fun when you were on foot in a dungeon, But it still got the job done.


Plain and simple, REMAKE THIS GAME!


So yea... thats my vote

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im waiting for afterburner climax on the xbox 360 and house of the dead 4 on 360! :)

loved afterburner2 in the arcade and house of the dead2 and 3 were my favourite gun games!

so cmon sega what you waiting for :lol:

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Street Fighter Fou..oh wait.


A real deus ex sequel, Diablo 3 and Streets of Rage III with a delicious Blaze.

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Blaster master would be sweet. I'd love to see a good remake of deja vu. Hmmm.... And a new splatterhouse would be so awesome. i heard of a japanese game called the splatter action that is in the same vein, but I'm getting off topic. A decent rygar or golgo 13 would also be appreciated.

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ok they made a streets of rage 3 already in 94 so i guess u guys mean streets of rage 4. but anyway back to the topic

Streets of rage 4 i want it in 2d but im sure if it happens it will be 3d

sunset riders

super double dragon

Marvel vs capcom 3

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