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  1. Yeah, you lucked out there. At least it wasn"t the freezer BWAH HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Might as well have been, it was in April burrrr
  2. My story isnt sexy or anything like that... but here it goes... When I was about 6 or 7 ( i might have been 9) I stayed up all night because my birthday was the next day. I guess I must have dozed off because when I woke up I was in the 7-11 storage room a block from my house. I guess it was good that I was living in a good neighborhood.
  3. things that make me go mmmm. -girls in white dresses -kittens with wiskers -bright packages tied up with strings things that make me go aaaaahhhhhh.... -Dog bites -bee stings -depression. oh geez i was just joking things that really make me go mmmm.... Spring and Fall my kitty Rusty and a nice gentle hot man who loves me to the ends of the earth things that make me go aaaahhhh.... summer and winter (the weather is just too extreme) Rusty covered in fleas and a nice gentle hot man who doesnt know yet that he loves me.
  4. Oh i forgot. i also like those mozzarella string cheese and cream cheese. yummy
  5. It must be great in your world where only your opinion is right. hey just for laughs, try to imagine that not everyone is as pompous as you. and as far as cottage cheese. its great that you think its gross but its just your opinion. and the whole imaging thing with the f word... not a good look. i think that is the lamest thing i have seen since high school. and no body is better than you but on that same coin, YOURE NOT BETTER THAN ANYONE.
  6. you don't have it quite right... here's the whole transcript from that scene Dark Helmet: Careful you idiot! I said across her nose, not up it! Laser Gunner: Sorry sir! I'm doing my best! Dark Helmet: Who made that man a gunner? Major Asshole: I did sir. He's my cousin. Dark Helmet: Who is he? Colonel Sandurz: He's an asshole sir. Dark Helmet: I know that! What's his name? Colonel Sandurz: That is his name sir. Asshole, Major Asshole! Dark Helmet: And his cousin? Colonel Sandurz: He's an asshole too sir. Gunner's mate First Class Philip Asshole! Dark Helmet: How many asholes do we have on this ship, anyway? [Entire bridge crew stands up and raises a hand] Entire Bridge Crew: Yo! Dark Helmet: I knew it. I'm surrounded by assholes! [Dark Helmet pulls his face shield down] Dark Helmet: Keep firing, assholes! hmm... another perfectionist?
  7. I love Cheese but cheese hates me (thats right, I'm lactose intolerant) but the cheese that hates me the most... Muenster.
  8. hopes also its not in 3d theres too many 3d games
  9. When i was a kid, i liked my sega genesis. now that im older.... i think i prefer my psp
  10. the way i see it, you cant just give a child a mature game and expect them to understand and comprehend whats going on on their own. you have to give them guidance. i guess thats where parents that actually give a crap about their kids would come in. i believe that a 10 year old could play doom and understand that the monsters arent real with proper guidance from mature parents. but now a days thats too much to ask (not saying anything about the parents on this board. i just know alot of stupid people.)
  11. I really dont see the point in age restricting games. it promotes imagination and other things our lives could use. it's when children are sheltered that they believe that the games that they play are real but thats a whole new argument. eh, strong issue.
  12. i wish i had parents like yours. i met people whos parents encouraged them to play videogames and they turned out to be smart.... geez....i know when i have kids i'll moderate but not restrict.
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